We live in an imperfect world. Nothing will ever function at 100% efficiency and there will never be energy use without energy loss. While perfection may be an unachievable goal, in the realm of coolroom & freezer installation, there are materials that take a brilliant step toward the goal.

Company owners in the know insist that their installers use polyurethane panels to surround the freezer. The addition of these plastic panels creates so many benefits that they are very close to being the perfect product.

They are proof against anything living. Let’s face it, any cooled room will create moisture as it removes humidity from the air. Moisture is a haven for tiny creatures from mold to insects to set up shop. To make this even more of a concern, the type of things usually stored in coldrooms are particularly vulnerable to the attacks of such micro invaders. Since polyurethane freezer panels are moth proof and provide virtually nowhere for fungi to get a grip, a perimeter of them creates an impassive pest control system.

There is another thing to consider when thinking about the items that might be placed in a freezer – toxicity. As another drawback of the refrigeration room, toxins that find their way inside have a calm atmosphere in which to seep into anything they encounter. Whether fumes drifting into the area or even given off by surrounding building materials, these toxins can add up to a dangerous situation. Again, our near perfect polyurethane cooler room panels ride in to save the day. Not only do the panels give off no toxins of their own, they provide a barrier that could keep external toxins from penetrating the coolroom.

While these are obviously advantages, they may not be the type of benefits that get the hearts of number minded business people pounding. Maybe this can be accomplished by the insulation factor. Polyurethane freezer panels provide such great insulation that they can actually lower the operation costs 30-40% when compared to a coolroom without the panels. Since all business people understand that money saved is worth more than money earned, this is an exciting prospect indeed.

While all these are good things, it would not be a big deal if the coolroom panels were unwieldy and difficult to install, but the opposite happens to be true. They are very light and last effectively forever if not actually damaged by something.

We live in an imperfect world. While we may never achieve perfection in any application, for creating a barrier around freezers and coolrooms, high quality polyurethane panels come far closer than anything else.

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