For over 30 years in Australia, coolrooms have served many various commercial and industrial markets, as well as domestic households in keeping food stocks, flowers and other material cold. Today, more than ever before, there are cost advantages of using a coolroom that can’t be ignored which can help your business or home keep food a steady temperature. Coolroom services nowadays are impressive; coolroom companies are able to custom design and build specialized coolrooms that are ideally suited for business such as fruit and veggie shops, bakeries, liquor shops, bars, restaurants, orchards, food process facilities, wholesalers, wineries and for discreet wine collectors.

For companies that depend on the use of coolrooms, dependability and cost effectiveness is truly the key to profitability. In pointing out the cost advantages of using a coolroom, one has to consider the disadvantageous of not having a dependable way to keep stocks refrigerated. Older coolrooms designs and refrigerating units, compared to modern refrigerators and materials used in coolroom designs today, are frankly not as efficient, cost effective to operate or as dependable as what are available today. And these conditions can produce extra unexpected costs to businesses each month, or worse, food and other types of products can become damaged or ruined when a coolroom ceases to be cool. In other words, downtime for a company or business can be extremely costly!

Successful coolroom companies today understand that their customers’ businesses depend on minimal to no downtime. And, in this regard a beneficial partnership relationship has developed between businesses that need to refrigerate their products and stocks with the companies that provide dependable coolroom services. Unforeseen situations and condition can and always do happen. When disaster strikes, and a refrigerator system ceases to function, having a dependable coolroom repair service available that can get your refrigerator unit back online ASAP is paramount, and that can truly be a huge cost advantage.

Get an Energy Audit and Save Money operating Your Coolroom

Are you paying too much to maintain your coolroom? Does your business utilize multiple coolrooms? Finding a coolroom service Melbourne that can give you an energy audit can definitely be an advantageous in saving you money. Identifying ways to save money, whether it is installing newer more effective panels or refrigerator units for your freezer or coolroom can save you huge amount of money over the long run. In this way, upgrading may be the best decision for your company’s refrigeration needs. However, sometimes it becomes more costly to repair an old coolroom than purchasing a new one. Deciding to either upgrade an older refrigerator or purchase a new one can be a difficult decision to make.

Making difficult decisions is part of running a successful business, but some decisions don’t have to be difficult or costly to make, especially when it comes to purchasing a new coolroom or freezer for your business. How is that possible? Some companies offer affordable financing because they understand the importance of cash flow for your business. In helping all types of business to minimize the financial impact of purchasing a new freezer or coolroom, affordable financing is available. Payments can be spread over 24 – 48 months, whether it is for a brand new refrigerator or coolroom, or even renovating and moving an old one, financing can be the greatest cost advantage.

Cost advantages of using a coolroom for companies that haven’t utilized them before are huge, and now that financing is available, purchasing a new freezer or coolroom is an affordable option. Coolrooms and freezers allow for greater storage areas for your products and stocks, and you can hold them and keep them fresher longer. Businesses that can enjoy the cost advantages of using a coolroom are many, such as fast food outlets, motels, sporting facilities, poultry farms, fuel stations, laboratories, florists, butcher shops and supermarkets to name just a few.

Freezer burn is something you don’t want, and this is especially true in a professional environment.

Did you know that a cool room can help you to prevent freezer burn? This is because it keeps the temperature stable, in the air is constantly flowing at a consistent level. While freezer burn is not actually considered a food safety risk it can be pretty nasty, and it can alter the taste and look of your food.

Freezer burn actually appears brown or grayish with the leathery spots on your frozen meats. Freezer burn occurs when the food Circus comes into contact with air hence drying the food. Having a cool room, and proper storing techniques can prevent freezer burn and save you money.

Remember to always securely wrap your food, and make sure that it is airtight. Want to food has become frozen, and the water molecules are transformed into ice the entire frozen piece will have to be the same temperature. If one part of your frozen package becomes colder than the other sublimation may occur. Consequently ice crystals accumulate and form on the colder spots and the not so cold parts become dehydrated. Fatty meats can also become oxidized, and this will change the smell and flavor of your food. This change is normally not for the better.

Cool rooms maintain temperatures, and temperature fluctuation can lead to different temperatures in your frozen items which leads to the freezer burn as stated above. When you’re running a business you have to be in and out of your freezer, and a normal freezer will lose some of its core temperature every time you open it. A cool room on the other hand has been created to preserve the temperature inside so that all of your items maintain their temperature.

A helpful hand when you store your food is to make sure that you have an airtight package. Don’t forget to leave room for expansion, because that’s a natural process that takes place during freezing. When storing something like soups, plastic containers with a layer of plastic wrap foe sealing purposes can be used.

Remember to use the FIFO (first in first out) procedures. Date all of your food, and also add a use by date. Lastly, store meets on the bottom to avoid cross contamination. Call CM Cool Rooms today and let us get you started with a sure fire way to save money while adding quality to the foods that you serve.

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