To say that your freezer or coolroom is an important part of your business would be an understatement. Having a proper location to store all of your foods or products that require extensive temperature cool is an integral factor for people in a variety of different industries. Coolrooms and freezers are employed in everything from medicine to food storage, and all of the different categories in between. Temperature control in these situations is a requirement and that means that special attention must be paid to the quality of door seals for the cooling and freezing facilities. When a door seal fails, you lose control of the quality of your room. With that introduction out of the way, what are the causes of cracks and breaks in your coolroom or freezer seals?

Breaks & Cracks in Door Seals for Coolrooms and Freezers

No matter how big or small your coolroom or freezer actually is, the utility can only be effective if the door is properly sealed. Consider running your air conditioner at home, don’t you make sure to close all of the doors and windows? The reason is obvious: you want a seal that keeps the cool air in, thus allowing you to control the temperature of the location. However, when your seals begin to break down, you end up losing control. What causes these cracks and breakages in your freezer seals and coolroom seals?

1) Temperature Changes – Rubber seals will all react differently to prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, such as the temperature of a freezer. Over time, these extreme temperatures can cause minor fracturing to occur then leads to larger cracks forming. The cracks will be further exacerbated by the extreme temperature and your cooling unit will have to work overtime in order to compensate, thus creating more issues.

2) Wear and Tear
– When the integrity of your door seal is compromised by physical trauma, such as the routine wear and tear from opening and closing the door, problems can start to crop up. In such extreme temperatures, even a slight crack can begin to grow. Small cracks tend to prevent the elastomer from maintaining its elasticity, thus causing further problems down the line.

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Here at C&M Coolroom Services, we have spent more than 20 years working in the construction and consultation of Coolroom & Freezer utilities. We are a WPCG accredited company that offers a wide variety of industrial and commercial coolrooms and freezers. If you would like a quote or estimate, reach out to us today. Our services can help laboratories, factories, restaurants, food processing plants and more.

Modular coolrooms and freezers components are made by different manufacturers. Like some three-dimensional puzzle, the parts assemble to form an impressive walk-in refrigeration system. Think for a moment, though. If substandard parts are purchased, then a substandard coolroom is what you’ll have at day’s end. By always sourcing quality parts, C&M Coolroom Services sidestep such unconscionable blunders. Even sealant selection procedures bow to this nuanced parts selection approach.

Sourcing The Coolroom Components

In olden days, knights worried about chinks in their armour. Well, that concern still exists today, but it’s more of an engineering issue now. Imagine the buyers and fabricators as they clock in for the day at C&M Coolroom Services. A new client is seeking an affordable refrigeration unit, one that’s budget-friendly yet reliable. The best approach here is to begin all the way back, right at the purchasing phase of the project. After all, for every perfectly insulated aluminium-bonded panel, there should also be a quality silicone sealant and fastener to thermally bind those segments together.

Let’s Establish Benchmarks

Back at the fictional workshop of the substandard business operation, moderately effective parts are coming together. They’re even receiving a carefully applied coating of silicone paste. The metal parts, tacky sealants, and electromechanical parts assemble, but the finished modular system is woefully packed with weak links. Even when the sloppily selected parts work properly, the techs aren’t locking the components together in the right way. Meanwhile, over at the C&M Coolrooms offices, affordable rates are being set. Those rates never compromise the work, never take shortcuts, and they absolutely never allow shoddy work practices.

An Unconstrained Installation Service

Sticking with the refrigeration experts this time, aren’t these technicians more than puzzle solvers? Granted the modular panels, refrigeration unit, and shelving systems all need to be assembled in the right order. However, there’s more going on here. That affordable construct must fit its installation site, and by “fit,” there’s more to the service than simple dimensional measurements. Is the concrete equipped to deal with the cold? If not, it’ll heave and crack. Likewise, the venting, drainage, and electrical power requirements take the technicians beyond the installation envelope.

Without a doubt, affordable coolroom and freezer rates are available at C&M Coolroom Services. The rates allow for cost-estimation and customization but never permit product skimping or inferior parts. From the concrete floor to the panel sealant, from the high-efficiency refrigeration unit to the vents and drains, the final design will satisfy the clients’ system demands. Affordable but never cheap, that’s a mission statement worth endorsing.


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