The types of industries that are beholden to the use of a Coolroom, or walk-in freezer, is pretty amazing. From the medical field to the restaurant industry, coolrooms play a vital role in keeping businesses prepared and ready to handle their temperature-controlled goals. With that being said, sometimes a coolroom or walk-in freezer will run into issues, and not always the kind of issues that you’d expect. What are we talking about? We are talking about odour problems. Walking into a coolroom that smells bad can be a jarring experience and it is one that you do not want to repeat. What do you do if your coolroom smells bad? We’re glad that you asked, keep on reading to find out how to handle bad smells within your walk-in freezer.

Odour Problems in Your Coolroom

So, you walk into the coolroom located at the back of your business in order to fetch something important. You are instantly hit with a wave of odour that you know is out of the ordinary. Odour issues can be alarming because they can be caused by any number of issues, from leaks to a rotting product, and you know that you need to get the issue under control immediately. What can you do?

1) Find the Source of The Smell – The first thing you need to do is find the source of the odour in the room. Most commonly, smells are associated with products falling and getting hidden behind shelving.

2) Clean the Coolroom – In other instances, if a source for the odour cannot be found then it is possible that bacteria on the walls of the Coolroom are to blame for the smell. In this scenario, you need to empty out the coolroom in order to scrub the walls and the floor.┬áSanitation to keep bad bacteria away is a necessity.

3) Take Final Measures – Additionally, if you want to go ahead and address any lingering odour then you can consider adding a bowl of charcoal briquettes to the inside of your walk-in coolroom. These charcoal briquettes will effectively absorb odour for roughly a week or so, allowing you to reclaim a bit of fresh smelling air.

What you should take away from our discussion is simple: odours will occasionally manifest themselves within your Coolroom or walk-in freezer. The vast majority of the time, these odours are not a big deal. With frequent use, coolrooms tend to develop some smells and if they are ignored they tend to get worse. Taking quick and decisive action is the best way to eliminate odours and keep your coolroom smelling ready for daily use.

When you walk into a giant freezer or merely use the one above your refrigerator, do you ever stop and wonder about the process that goes into keeping your items cool? Of course not unless you are like us, and intimately close to the entire process. Here at C&M Coolroom Services, we fully believe in the power of knowledge and what it can to for our potential customers. With that mindset, we are going to take a moment to peak all-the-way inside of our refrigerating units in order to discuss the refrigerants that make the process possible. Specifically, our discussion today will be focused on how CFC-free refrigerants can benefit you, us, and the world around us.

Refrigerants: What Are They And Why CFC-Free Is the Way to Go?

We are going to open up our discussion by analysing the core subject: refrigerants. Most people know only that their freezers and refrigerators function, and that is enough for them. However, their luxurious appliances would not be able to function without the use of refrigerant!

1. What Is Refrigerant?
– Refrigerant is a substance, typically liquid, which helps to cool down your appliance. These liquids undergo a transformation from liquid to gas and back again in order to accomplish this task.

When discussing refrigerants, people within the industry will be quick to point out one of the most problematic materials involved: CFC. CFC refrigerants became incredibly commonplace throughout the world starting back in the early 20th Century. However, despite their commonplace use, there was a larger problem at hand. Extensive research has revealed that CFC refrigerant is a chemical that should no longer be used. Why is that?

2. CFC Refrigerant
– Despite being low in toxicity in relation to our breathing, CFC refrigerant is immensely damaging to the environment. CFC damages the Ozone layer and contributes directly to the destruction of our environment!

Benefits of CFC-Free Refrigerant

Understanding that CFC refrigerant is bad for our world will allow you to understand why the chemical has been phased out of every major industry. We no longer use CFC refrigerant and are now focused on more environmentally friendly and economically beneficial refrigerant compounds. What you’ll find in most modern appliances is something called HFC, or HydroFluoroCarbon. What is HFC? We’re glad that you asked!

3. Benefits Of HFC Refrigerant – HFC is free of chlorine, the chemical that causes damage to our Ozone layer. HFC can be found in products all around the world and it is the only chemical being used on new, legal, productions.

If you want to add affordable and environmentally friendly freezers to your business, you’ve come to the right place. Here at C& M Coolroom Services, we are ready to be of service to you.

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