Cool rooms exist to fulfil the needs of a specific business. Whether for storing food products or chemicals, cool rooms play an important part in the continuous revenue growth of a business. And as this growth continues, some business owners may have thought of moving to a larger space. Other business owners, however, may be thinking of cutting down some costs and occupy a smaller operating space.

If you own a cool room and you want to relocate it, think about everything first. At first glance, you may have perceived cool rooms as movable and can be dismantled easily. However, there are some important things that you must consider when dismantling and relocating cool rooms. In fact, you are advised to seek help with professionals to help you with the dismantling and relocation of cool rooms.

Dismantling are for Professionals

You may be wondering as to why professionals are required to do the dismantling and relocation task. You see, as the owner of the business, there are some things that you cannot do by you and your employees alone. The assembly of a cool room may be complicated depending on your needs and preferences. Some cool rooms may take a short time just to dismantle everything, while others take hours or even days to take down and disconnect everything.

With the help of professionals, your cool rooms can be dismantled easily. Moreover, they know the sequence of dismantling, the wires that they need to disconnect, and panels that they need to detach. If your cool rooms are built through interlocking panels, then yours may be dismantled briefly. What makes professionals special about this procedure is that they do two major things. While they are dismantling everything that you have in your cool room, they simultaneously check the status of these things and look for damage so that they would know what to repair or replace.

After dismantling the panels, professionals would then look into your compressor unit and the auxiliary electrical fixtures within your chamber. Only professional engineers can look and diagnose these things for your own sake. They need to detach the equipment from its power supply, remove the compressor from its housing, and make the disassembled parts safe to store and handle. 

Relocation is Next in Line

The dismantling may be over, but the professionals must still deal with the relocation of the cool room. Depending on the area allotted for your cool room, the professionals will do their best to manage and build it just like before. Meaning, your cool room may be relocated but the formation of your new cool room will stay the same. Keep in mind, however, that if your space is smaller than the previous one, some things may have to be relocated or removed from your new cool room space. Relocation of a cool room must also take account of the energy that your new space can handle. After all, a cool room needs adequate energy for it to function optimally. 

An expert team will handle the assembly of panels to ensure that the cool room will have a place for its overall function. Older installations, on the other hand, will be done with more consideration to prevent any damages and accidents while the relocation is in progress. All equipment, tools, and other things will be relocated to the new location together with the assembly of electricity, wiring, and other related components. When dismantling and relocating your cool room, it is recommended that you hire professionals to do these tasks. If you want to enquire about these types of services, then give us a call now at C&M Coolroom Services. 

Businesses engaged in stocking food, chemicals, and other things use coolrooms for storage purposes. In restaurants, they use a coolroom to store whatever food that they will be using during their operating hours. Other businesses, however, use coolrooms to keep chemicals and other elements away from any type of unauthorised access by ordinary people. 

One component that helps coolrooms maintain their functionality is proper insulation. Insulation stops heat from entering the coolroom, which then maintains the coldness and temperature intended for the room to be functional. This insulation acts as a barrier to cool the environment and block any external factors that affect the temperature situations. With these factors, it is without doubt that having proper insulation is extremely important for coolrooms.

Controls Temperature 

An effective insulation system for your room stops heat from entering your area. Even the air quality is insulated so that the products inside the coolroom are not exposed to harmful germs and bacteria. Proper insulation traps and blocks outside heat and substances just to create a workable cool room at your business. Insulation mechanisms such as doors, heat reflective paints, tiles, and panels are effective in coolrooms.

Prevents Air Leakage

Aside from heat and germs, proper insulation in coolrooms also prevents air leakage. If your coolroom is closed entirely, then your insulation will be greater compared to open rooms. Once a coolroom is opened for a very long time, air leakage follows. The cold or heavy air from the coolrooms will escape, while the condition of the outdoor air will enter your coolroom. Through proper insulation in coolrooms, your products are protected at all costs. 

Eradicates Moisture

Moulding is a common problem in coolrooms since moisture can fill up some parts of the coolrooms like walls and ceilings. When your walls and ceilings become too cold, warmer and moist air from outdoors can get in, which cause water droplets to condense on surfaces. And if the outside becomes too cold, some frosting and ice can also develop inside the coolroom. All these elements will then turn into mould once moisture is deposited inside the cold room ceiling and walls. With proper insulation, your coolroom’s ceiling and walls are all protected by accurate fitting, preventing any moisture from filling them up.

Reduces Utility Expenses

When it comes to coolrooms, they must be functional at all times. Even with just a little amount of electricity outage, all the products inside your coolroom are expected to deteriorate in quality. What makes insulation important in coolrooms is that it conserves a lot of electrical energy and its accompanied expenses. A coolroom that is properly insulated won’t have to deal with room temperature abnormalities. Insulation can help maintain the temperature as determined by the management, preventing your coolroom and other equipment from consuming more energy in fighting heat and other elements. Proper insulation can help your coolrooms function as intended. Without proper insulation, your business may incur some loss in revenue and additional expenses in maintenance and utility bills. If you want to know more about how your coolroom can benefit from insulation, then you can contact us now at C&M Coolroom Services.

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