Many businesses that are part of the food processing or hospitality industry mostly utilise coolrooms. These rooms are designed to effectively store huge amounts of food products prior to their sale or use at a relatively low temperature. The low temperatures of these coolrooms enable food products to be protected from the growth of microbes and other elements. They likewise ensure that these products will not get spoiled or cause harm to people who may be consuming them.

Given the importance of coolrooms, they must be truly maintained and optimised regularly. Fortunately, we, at C&M Coolroom Services, offer different types of services that can truly benefit a lot of customers and clients. The following are some of the services that we offer, which can all guarantee superb performance of coolrooms throughout their service life.

Design and Construction

Coolrooms, freezer rooms, and all related products can all be designed and constructed by our reliable professionals. One great benefit of having custom coolrooms and other assemblies is that they are guaranteed to be energy efficient. They can likewise be fitted to their dedicated spaces due to their custom specifications and dimensions. Proper airflow is also guaranteed through our design and construction services, ensuring that the establishment can perform optimally. Aside from coolrooms, we also design and manufacture plastic strip curtains, protective railings, and bollards.

Supply and Installation

Aside from designing and constructing our products, we, at C&M Coolroom Services, also supply and install different types of assemblies for coolrooms and freezer rooms. Our professionals can help supply and install doors, shelving, racking, and plastic strip curtains to ensure that these rooms can effectively store food products without wasting time and money. Our shelving and racking may come in different materials, which include stainless steel and galvanised iron. They may likewise be zinc coated, plastic-coated, or painted. Our supply of these things helps in accommodating all the needs of our clients.

Maintenance and Repairs

Since we already have all the needed parts for coolrooms and other related assemblies, we also offer maintenance and repair service that can surely keep the establishments functional and efficient for a long time. We can maintain all kinds of coolrooms and freezer rooms. Our professionals can likewise fix and repair coolroom and freezer doors, particularly their seals, handles and fittings, and panels. We can also provide replacement of heating cables and relocation of existing coolrooms or freezer rooms. 

Throughout our operations, we have already catered to the needs of bakeries, butcher shops, delicatessens, fast food outlets, fruits and vegetable shops, hotels, laboratories, poultry farms, restaurants, seafood processors, supermarkets, and wineries. These establishments have already maximised and utilised some of the services that we have mentioned above.

If you want to keep your coolrooms optimised, feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We are located in Melbourne, Victoria and has more than 25 years of experience in coolroom and freezer room construction. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Victoria, we cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in different establishments and buildings.

Businesses that require proper cooling and storage of many food products would often turn to coolrooms to carry out the mentioned functionalities. Coolrooms are designed to cool and store food products in bulk, ensuring that they will not get spoiled before using or selling them. These rooms also have huge storage spaces to effectively cater to the storage requirements of food-related businesses. Some of the products that are often stored in coolrooms include fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood.

Given the features provided by coolrooms, making them efficient would truly be great for businesses. One way to make these coolrooms efficient is through the installation of plastic strip curtains. Plastic strip curtains typically overall fully or partially, creating partition walls that can divide the coolrooms into other areas. These strip curtains can make coolrooms more efficient by doing the following actions:

Regulate Energy

Plastic strip curtains can make coolrooms more efficient by regulating the amount of energy that is needed to make the rooms cool enough. The amount of lost cooled air inside the coolrooms can be simply mitigated and minimised once the plastic strip curtains are installed. The overlapping strips likewise allow these coolrooms to prevent air loss, stabilise air temperature, and increase energy savings. With these features, the refrigeration units of these rooms will not require regular maintenance anymore.

Limit Pollutants

Aside from regulating energy consumption, plastic strip curtains can also make coolrooms efficient by limiting the entry of air pollutants. The surrounding area of the coolrooms may be comprised of dust, dirt, smoke, fumes, and other contaminants. Without plastic strip curtains, these pollutants can easily enter the coolrooms and contaminate the food products in the long run. The installation of these curtains, alternatively, protects the products and even the people inside from being exposed to pollutants.

Allow Movement

Coolrooms with conventional entryways are deemed to be ineffective and inefficient since they can lose energy and allow the entry of pollutants. With plastic strip curtains, the efficiency of coolrooms can be enhanced significantly as they can provide easy pass-through or access to store personnel, technician, and other people without any compromises. Transport carts, forklifts, and other similar tools can likewise easily access the coolroomsas long as they are installed with plastic strip curtains.

Control Elements

Another way of making coolrooms efficient through plastic strip curtains is that they can control outdoor elements such as noise, birds, insects, and other pests. Outdoor noise can be truly distracting for any establishments that prioritise excellent customer service. With plastic strip curtains, the noise inside the coolrooms can be reduced up to 17 decibels. Birds, insects, and other pests can likewise be controlled by strip curtain strips, making the coolrooms free from any food contamination issues.

If you need plastic strip curtains for your coolrooms, do not hesitate to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Victoria, we cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

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