Commercial facilities that require storage of products often utilise coolrooms as their main storage solution. The cold temperatures of coolrooms allow products, especially food items, to retain their freshness and quality before using or selling them. Some of the facilities that have coolrooms include restaurants, cafes, bars, grocery stores, and bottle shops. 

Coolrooms boast parts and components that allow them to carry out important storage and cooling functions. They have sealing accessories that can stop leakage of energy as well as temperature fluctuations. They also use furnishings that can help with the proper and organised storage of items. Adequate lighting and signs are also incorporated into coolrooms for safety purposes. But one component that plays a huge role in the functions of coolrooms is known as the coolroom panels.

Working Principles of Coolroom Panels

As coolrooms function every day, their temperatures must be maintained optimally to ensure that the products will not get damaged and spoiled. Together with other parts and components, the coolroom panels enable the coolrooms to sustain their temperatures as well as regulate the use of energy.

Coolroom panels are made from multiple layers of insulating and structural materials. These materials are bonded together so they can create a wall that is both durable and stable. This specific wall can likewise resist heat transfer, enabling the coolrooms to maintain the temperatures at all times. Some of the materials that are used in constructing coolroom panels are expanded polystyrene foam, extruded polystyrene foam, polyisocyanurate foam, and polyurethane foam.

Heat can easily flow into cool spaces until their temperature becomes similar. But with the combination of coolroom panel materials, they can slow down the movement of the outside heat towards the interiors of the coolrooms. The rate of conductive and convective heat flow is decreased significantly with the presence of coolroom panels, ensuring that the temperature of the coolrooms will be sustained.

Coolroom Panels Remarkable Benefits

Establishments that own coolrooms can easily benefit from the functions of coolroom panels.

One of the most remarkable benefits of coolroom panels is that they can effectively regulate the coolrooms’ temperatures. All products that will be stored in coolrooms with these panels are known to last and will not get spoiled during storage. Another great benefit of coolroom panels is that they can provide a boost in terms of energy savings. Without efficient coolroom panels, the coolrooms have to exert more effort when it comes to cooling the whole place. The addition of panels allows the coolrooms to operate normally, which can then provide substantial savings to energy bills.

One more benefit of coolroom panels is that they can minimise maintenance of the entire coolrooms. The integration of effective coolroom panels can easily minimise the frequency of repairs and maintenance that are needed just to keep the coolrooms operational. The money saved from minimised maintenance and lower energy bills can ultimately be invested in other more vital operational needs.

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Coolrooms are refrigerated storages that can be very useful in food-related businesses. Without these refrigerated storages, it would be difficult for businesses to maintain the quality and longevity of their food products. They would likewise incur more expenses and face more problems along the way.

The cold or freezing temperature of the coolrooms ensures that the food products will be at optimum condition. This specific temperature helps preserve the quality of the products by preventing microbes from growing exponentially. It can likewise assist in prolonging the life of the products before they can be sold or used. Instances of over-freezing, however, can cause problems to coolroom products.

If you are currently utilising a coolroom for your products, here are some ways on how you can prevent or avoid over-freezing your products. 

Adjust the Thermostat

The thermostat in your coolroom regulates the temperature of your whole system by adequate adjustments. Setting the thermostat too cold can easily over-freeze your products, which can lead to significant changes in their quality. While most of them are still safe to eat, their overall composition can be compromised, which would not work well with some customers or clients. And so, adjusting your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature can prevent over-freezing your food products. You can likewise decrease the temperature differential to achieve optimum coolroom temperature.

Clean Evaporator Coils

Coolrooms maximise evaporator coils in absorbing the internal heat, ensuring that the coolroom will stay cold as the refrigerant do its primary functions. These parts work with fans, which allows them to absorb the mentioned element. If the evaporator coils are already dirty and clogged, then they can easily cause the leaving air temperature to be much colder, which would over-freeze the products. Fans that are not functional can likewise cause the same problem. Cleaning the evaporator coils or repairing the fans are two possible ways of achieving optimum temperatures for your coolroom.

Store Products Properly

If your coolroom components are all in great condition, then an over-freezing problem can occur with the placement of your products. Products that are stacked right in front of the coils’ airstream can take in all the cold air. Additionally, if your products are touching or are too close to coolroom walls, then they can easily receive much colder air. To prevent them from over-freezing, you must avoid stacking your products too close to the airstream. You must likewise install baffles under your coils so that they can redirect the cold air. Reinsulating your coolroom walls can also help in avoiding over-freezing problems.

Hire Reliable Specialists

Reliable specialists or technicians can effectively determine if your coolrooms have hidden problems or damages. They can easily conduct repairs and maintenance that would help your coolroom function optimally again. If your coolroom has faulty parts, particularly the coils and valves, then you can surely experience over-freezing problems. With reliable specialists, they can check them and have them repaired in just a short time. They can likewise install parts that could help in maintaining the proper circulation of cold air inside the coolrooms, ensuring that your products will be refrigerated well.

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