Business owners who maximise coolrooms often find ways to make them efficient and functional. Fortunately, their respective coolrooms can work optimally once they are paired with plastic strip curtains.

Plastic strip curtains are normally installed on the entryways of coolrooms. With the presence of these accessories, coolrooms can save a huge amount of energy as plastic strip curtains prevent heat from entering the rooms freely. Plastic strip curtains can also protect coolrooms from dirt particles and insects, ensuring that the stored products will be preserved. The workflow around coolrooms is likewise sustained with plastic strip curtains due to their see-through appearance.

But to fully maximise plastic strip curtains, they must be maintained first. If you are currently using them in your coolrooms, then here are some tips on maintaining them.

Wipe with Warm Water

One way to maintain your plastic strip curtains is to wipe them with warm water. Through a bucket of warm water and a sponge, you can wipe the plastic strip curtains down and clean them immediately. As you perform this tip, you can see right away a lot of dirt from your sponge. If this tip has effectively cleaned for your plastic strip curtains, then continue to do this activity regularly. If your plastic strip curtains, however, cannot be cleaned with this trick, then you must try the subsequent cleaning methods.

Try Soaking in Water

Plastic strip curtains can usually be cleaned by wiping them down with warm water. But if they still look dirty, then you may want to soak them in water. Plastic strip curtains that cannot be cleaned by wiping typically mean that some of their parts have scratches. These scratches will then allow dirt particles to stick, making them difficult to remove. Soaking them in a bowl of water for an hour and wiping them down afterwards can usually remove the stubborn dirt particles.

Perform a Deep Clean

A one-step above the usual cleaning with water, deep cleaning can be performed to improve the appearance and performance of your plastic strip curtains. Deep cleaning your plastic strip curtains typically involve the use of chemical-based cleaners, especially bleach. Bleach can be watered down to ensure that it can clean your plastic strip curtains without discolouring or damaging them. Once the bleach solution is used, you must wash the plastic strip curtains with water and dry them off.

Carry Out Guidelines

Your plastic strip curtains may be cleaned regularly, but the quantity of their required cleaning resources can be costly. Hence, you must carry out guidelines to ensure that they do not get dirty easily. One thing that you can enact is to clean your coolrooms regularly. Minimising the dirt particles around your coolrooms can prevent plastic strip curtains from getting dirty in a short time. You can likewise create policies that would encourage employees entering the coolrooms to clean themselves first. These helpful tips can ensure that your plastic strip curtains will be maintained optimally. If you have some more questions about the maintenance of plastic strip curtains, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Food-related businesses that require proper storage of food products would normally maximise coolrooms. What makes coolrooms great for these properties is that they can effectively maintain the required low temperatures of the products, avoiding any chances of rot and spoilage among them. They likewise have enough space for the fast movement and efficient storage of these products.

But for coolrooms to be certainly effective, they must be maintained regularly.

Maintenance of Coolrooms is Essential

Just like other spaces in an establishment, coolrooms should be maintained regularly so that they can be effective and efficient. Without regular maintenance, most of the products inside them might get some damages as the temperatures are not regulated anymore. Coolrooms might likewise consume too much energy, which can be reflected in a business’s utility bills. These issues, ultimately, may lead to a significant decrease in the performance of the establishment.

Some parts of the coolrooms that must be maintained regularly include doors and shelving. The core cooling components of these places must likewise be assessed, fixed, or replaced regularly so that they cannot generate problems throughout their operations.

The Presence of High Humidity Level

Now, despite all your efforts in maintaining your coolroom, one element that must be checked at all costs is its humidity level.

Humidity is recognised as the amount of water vapour in the surroundings. The humidity level of a place can get high if there is a lot of water vapour present. And with a huge amount of water vapour in the air, moisture may start to generate some effects to some places like the coolrooms.

Since moisture is in the air, it would be difficult for you to recognise the presence of a high humidity level in your coolroom. Fortunately, you can easily confirm the presence of a high amount of moisture in your coolroom with some tell-tale symptoms. Some of these symptoms include the generation of ice on several fixtures in your coolroom, the accumulation of water, the formation of mist in the air, and the sudden deterioration of your food products.

Managing the Humidity of the Coolroom

Most of the tell-tale symptoms of high humidity levels in your coolroom can generate serious problems for your business along the way. For one, they can extensively damage the stored products, which can then dissatisfy a lot of customers. These symptoms can likewise generate some burden to your overall finances due to emergency repairs and unnecessary product losses.

The presence of humidity-related issues can even affect your employees since high levels of moisture can make them feel uncomfortable. High humidity can even cause the formation of mould inside the coolroom, which is known for producing allergens that can be harmful to one’s health.

All these problems can be prevented if the humidity level of your coolroom will be managed effectively. With optimum humidity levels, you can expect a significant return on investment. You can likewise achieve lower energy consumption, incur reduced operating costs, and maximise more fresh products.

If you need help in reducing humidity in your coolroom, feel free to call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

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