One common thing among factories, commercial kitchens, food processing plants, and retail stores is they require spaces with effective air and temperature control. Hence, owners of these establishments and properties often invest in plastic strip curtains.

Plastic strip curtains can help these properties achieve optimum air and temperature control thanks to their overall material composition. Once installed, they can easily prevent the indoor air and temperature from being altered right away. They likewise deter pests, dust, and others from entering, ensuring that the purposes of these properties remain intact. The acoustic isolation, hygiene, and safety properties of plastic strip curtains are some more reasons why they can be useful for these properties.

Now, if you are thinking of buying plastic strip curtains for your business, here are some ways to make them more effective and more efficient.

Adopt Overlapping Strips

One way to make your plastic strip curtains more effective is to adopt overlapping strips. Normally, plastic strip curtains do not overlap. And while they can already provide all the benefits that were mentioned earlier, they can still do more and provide additional advantages to your property. Once your plastic strip curtains have overlapping strips, you can expect your rooms or spaces to be more regulated, especially in terms of their air quality and temperature.

Incorporate Thick Strips

Aside from overlapping strips, your plastic strip curtains can be more effective if they possess thick strips. The specifications of plastic strip curtains may vary depending on the preferences of customers. They can likewise vary based on the availability of the materials. If you are lucky enough to find a reputable plastic strip curtain manufacturer, then you may want to opt for plastic strip curtains with thick strips. Thicker strips for the curtains can be effective in maintaining the surrounding conditions of your property.

Conduct Regular Upkeep

Plastic strip curtains can generally provide a lot of benefits. But if you will not clean or maintain them regularly, then their efficiency may be affected negatively. Plastic strip curtains truly add value to your property. Therefore, you must make sure that you assess their conditions regularly. You must likewise clean them so that they will not allow dirty elements from building up. Ultimately, you must replace strips that have already been damaged so they can continue to be effective and efficient.

Pair Curtains with a Door

One more way to make your plastic strip curtains more effective and more efficient is to pair them with a door. Plastic strip curtains are highly capable of regulating the temperatures of your rooms and spaces. They can also prevent elements from entering and ruining your day-to-day operations. But once you pair these curtains with a door, all these functions can be amplified further. If your spaces are not yet needed, you may want to close the door first to enhance air and temperature control.

If you want to invest in quality plastic strip curtains, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Many commercial and industrial businesses rely on coolrooms due to a couple of reasons. For one, coolrooms have been proven to be effective in storing delicate products in low temperatures. Second, they are being maximised as they can handle a large volume of products in just one go.

But to make the coolrooms truly effective, they must be equipped with elements that could help them carry out their primary cooling and storage functions. One of the elements that they must utilise is performance panels. With performance panels, the insulation of coolrooms is expected to improve significantly, allowing them to sustain their low temperatures. Another element that they should possess is doors or curtains. Special doors or curtains must be installed so they can deter bacteria, germs, dirt, and other similar things from entering and contaminating the products.

Two more elements that coolrooms should possess are shelves and racks. Shelves and racks made from stainless steel are recommended for coolrooms due to the following reasons:


Stainless steel shelves and racks can be maximised for coolrooms as they are durable and robust. Even with significant impacts from the storage and other business-related activities inside the coolrooms, they can easily retain their overall appearance and finish. They will not even generate dents and scratches quickly despite maximising them all the time. Other elements that these shelves and racks can resist are rust and rot. Unlike other materials, stainless steel can conveniently withstand corrosion, allowing it to be very useful once utilised in making coolroom shelves and racks.


Another reason why stainless steel shelves and racks are recommended for coolrooms is they are reliable. Stainless steel shelves and racks have respectable load-bearing strength that other shelves and racks do not possess. With this specific quality, they can effectively allow businesses to store a large volume of products in one go. They can even handle heavy products.


Stainless steel shelves and racks are great for coolrooms as they can maintain cleanliness for a long time. They often boast smooth, non-porous surfaces that other materials cannot achieve. The type of surfaces that the stainless steel products possess can effectively deter germs, bacteria, and other elements from infiltrating them. So, businesses can expect their products to be preserved effectively. They can even allow powerful cleaning chemicals to be used to preserve their quality.


One more reason why stainless steel shelves and racks are great for coolrooms is that they are sustainable. Stainless steel shelves and racks, as previously stated, have a superb surface finish and durable composition. These qualities then allow them to be maintained easily. They do not even require regular inspection and assessment to ensure that they are free from potential damages. The only thing that the businesses should do is check for wear and clean them occasionally.

To acquire reliable stainless steel shelves and racks, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

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