Coolrooms and freezers are cold storage solutions that commercial establishments like restaurants and supermarkets often maximise. What makes these cold storage solutions special is they can retain the freshness and quality of perishable products.

On their own, both coolrooms and freezers already have the needed cooling systems to ensure that their interiors remain cold throughout their operations. They likewise have doors and other components that aid in deterring heat from infiltrating their interior. However, businesses still have the option to install additional panels to further improve the cooling functions of coolrooms and freezers.

What makes panels great for coolrooms and freezers is they can prevent heat from entering their interiors. Two materials that are often used in building coolroom and freezer panels are styrene and urethane. To know which one is great for your business, here is a quick comparison between the two.

Styrene Panels

One of the materials used for creating panels for coolrooms and freezers is styrene.

Styrene panels have been maximised by many business owners since they boast excellent insulation. And through their wide ranges of compressive strengths, these panels can effectively match the insulating requirements of coolrooms and freezers, granting them the ability to stay intact despite being exposed to various low temperatures. Styrene panels are also known for their reputable resistance to water permeation and moisture absorbency, allowing these panels to attain better energy ratings than others. These qualities also allow them to prevent mould from growing and spreading.

Other notable features of styrene panels include better recyclability and longer service life. And despite using styrene panels for a long time, their initial R-value is expected to be retained for a long time.

Urethane Panels

Urethane panels are panels that can also be maximised in coolrooms and freezers.

One of the advantages of urethane panels over styrene panels is they possess low thermal conductivity. This quality allows the panels to be structurally robust and stable, preventing them from shrinking or deforming even though they are used for a long time. The low thermal conductivity of urethane panels also grants them the ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures of coolrooms and freezers. 

Another great feature of urethane panels is they are cost-efficient. One reason why these panels are cost-efficient is they utilise cheap materials. They are also cost-efficient as they only require low transportation and installation costs. Some more features of urethane panels include low water penetrability level and enhanced protection against corrosion and rusting.

There are more types of panels for coolrooms and freezers that business owners can consider. However, the previously discussed types of panels are known to be the best materials for maintaining the operations and longevity of coolrooms and freezers. 

To know more about these coolroom and freezer panels, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Coolrooms have been advantageous for food and retail businesses due to their main functions.

One of the main functions of coolrooms is to preserve the quality of food products. By maintaining cold temperatures all the time, the stored products are easily protected from elements that can affect their quality negatively. The growth of microorganisms that cause their spoilage is also prevented thanks to coolrooms’ cold temperature. Another main function of coolrooms is to store many products properly. Through the integration of shelves and racks, products can be organised properly.

Coolrooms generally have default dimensions. But some manufacturers can offer and install a specialised coolroom assembly, which some business owners may prefer. Here are some reasons why a specialised coolroom assembly and installation is worth your investment.

  1. Boosted Efficiency

One of the reasons why you must opt for a specialised coolroom assembly and installation is it can boost the efficiency of your business. Your business may struggle to keep up with the demands of your operations if you will continue maximising standalone refrigeration units and freezers. And with these cold storage options, your employees can have difficulties in organising your products. They likewise consume a lot of energy as they work separately from each other. Opting for a specialised coolroom, alternatively, improves energy efficiency since it only uses a single space in storing and cooling everything.

Another reason why a specialised coolroom assembly is worth your investment is it can ensure the safety of your business. Various refrigeration units and freezers may be maximised in storing different food products. However, if they are plugged in simultaneously, they will only draw a lot of power throughout your operations. As this continues, it may end up causing electrical problems, which may potentially generate property fire. Opting for a coolroom, on the other hand, is much safer than maximising multiple cold storage solutions as it is designed to store products without consuming too much energy.

A specialised coolroom assembly does not only boost efficiency and guarantee safety, but it can also preserve the quality of your food products more effectively. Tons of enhancements can be added to your coolroom to ensure that the food products are stored effectively. Shelves and racks, for instance, can be integrated so they can be grouped accordingly. The installation of panels and strips, moreover, can effectively sustain cold temperatures and high-quality air all the time, ensuring that the food products will maintain their aroma, colour, flavour, and texture.

One more reason why a specialised coolroom assembly and installation can be good for your business is it offers an expanded space for the products. A specialised coolroom, especially when you will be opting for the right coolroom provider, can offer you a storage space that can accommodate almost all your offerings and products. And with the installation of a specialised coolroom, you do not have to invest in refrigeration units, freezers, and others that only take a lot of space in your kitchen or other areas of your commercial building or establishment. If you need a specialised coolroom for your business, you can call us at C&M Coolroom Services.

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