Coolrooms are useful cold storage solutions that restaurants, retail stores, and other similar buildings maximise to store perishable products. Most products stored in coolrooms are meat, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and others. Aside from food products, coolrooms can also be used for storing flowers, chemicals, and other temperature-sensitive materials.

One thing that makes these cold storage solutions effective in preserving their freshness, flavour, and other notable attributes is their capability to expose them to low temperatures. Low temperatures can preserve the previously mentioned products as they slow down the growth of microorganisms responsible for their spoilage. And since coolrooms are often enclosed effectively, outdoor elements are prevented from damaging them.

But some coolrooms may suddenly malfunction after operating for a long time. Here are some of the most common reasons why coolrooms become defective.

Fluctuating Temperatures 

One of the most common reasons behind faulty and malfunctioning coolrooms is temperature fluctuations. The temperatures of coolrooms are expected to be regulated so they can preserve all the stored products effectively. But if these cold storage solutions boast fluctuating surface temperature and unstable moisture levels, mould spores may start to grow and spread. As they spread continuously, they can easily affect the quality of products being stored inside the coolrooms. Worse, they can affect the service life of the coolroom components.

Lack of Vapour Barrier

Another reason why coolrooms may become defective is the lack of vapour barriers. Vapour barriers can remove the moisture inside the coolrooms. Without installing one, coolrooms may be quickly filled with moisture, which leads to rotten walls. The ceiling of the coolrooms may also drop some water due to the lack of vapour barriers. These issues can be a problem for business owners since they can destroy their products fully. Adding vapour barriers, insulation, or re-insulation materials can help free the coolrooms from moisture and its detrimental effects.

Absence of Compartments

Compartmentalisation plays a major role in keeping the coolrooms functional. By adding the right number of compartments, the load of the coolrooms’ cooling units can be regulated appropriately. The addition of shelving and racks can likewise separate groups of products that can be delicate and sensitive. Now, the absence of proper compartmentalisation will only lead to defective coolrooms as products tend to get spoiled in a short time. Without resolving this quickly, this problem will only lead to the gradual deterioration of coolroom components.

Poor Clean-up and Upkeep

One more reason behind faulty coolrooms is poor clean-up and upkeep. Tons of products are expected to be stored inside these cold storage solutions. Since some products may get spoiled more quickly than others, they may gradually release elements inside the coolrooms. They might even spoil completely inside these cold storage solutions. Now, without cleaning and maintaining the coolrooms, these products may only emit elements that can also damage other products. Spoiled products can then negatively impact the coolroom components.

Coolrooms should always be inspected, cleaned, and maintained to make them work for a long time. They should also be equipped with materials that can make their cooling process more effective.

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Commercial and industrial buildings must possess a layout that prioritises not only the appeal of their rooms and spaces but also the accessibility of employees between rooms and spaces. Without securing proper layout, some workers may end up encountering delays when trying to finish specific tasks just because of a wrongly-placed desk or door.

And speaking of the door, the pathways towards vital rooms and areas inside these buildings should also be planned optimally to allow workers to go in and out of these places conveniently. While several rooms must boast self-closing doors to make their operations hands-free, other spaces must utilise plastic strip curtains to make room access easier. Plastic strip curtains can also isolate noise, reduce pests and contaminants, and regulate temperatures.

Given the qualities of plastic strip curtains, many buildings can take advantage of these things. Here are some of the best places to install plastic strip curtains.

  1. Production Facilities

Production facilities are comprised of sections that carry out different tasks. One section could be dedicated to the manufacturing of the products, while the other section must deal with their packaging. Some more sections that these facilities possess may carry out the acquisition, storage, assessments, and distribution of products. Now, to effectively distinguish these sections without spending too much money and compromising manoeuvrability and visibility, owners of production facilities can opt for plastic strip curtains.

  1. Distribution Centres

Distribution centres and warehouses are built to store tons of products before they get distributed to various stores and customers. And since the loading docks of these places can be populated with people, these places need to be accessible. These areas must also be free from contaminants and pests that can ruin the products. Fortunately, plastic strip curtains can be installed on these buildings as they can deter these elements effectively. They are also ideal for high-traffic areas as employees do not need to turn any doorknobs.

  1. Cold Storage Units

Cold storage units that can be found in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centres, and even restaurants should always be operational, especially when it comes to providing cold temperatures to perishable products. While some of them can be fitted with doors, they can pose some problems to employees as they must open them fully before loading and unloading the products. With plastic strip curtains, all they must do is to enter the cold storage units and store the items optimally.

  1. New Irregular Spaces

Most buildings already boast all the spaces needed in conducting their operations. From storage places down to their distribution, these areas already boast elements that can make them work. But there are times when these places would become overwhelmed with many products. And to ensure that they can still operate, they end up converting dead, empty spaces into makeshift storage and loading areas. Installing plastic strip curtains in these places can be done easily to ensure that workers can still store their products and protect them from the elements.

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