Businesses in the hospitality industry utilise a wide array of equipment and appliances for their operations to become successful. One of the operations they have to deal with is the proper storage and preservation of food items.

Out of many cold storage solutions, most business owners prefer investing in coolrooms for the storage and preservation of their products. Coolrooms, after all, have adequate space for storing a huge number of foods and drinks. They can even be organised effectively, ensuring that employees can get in and out of these rooms without causing delays to their general operations. Coolrooms are also designed to avoid external elements from entering.

One aspect of coolrooms that must be integrated optimally is their storage. Their storage, which can be done by adding shelving and racking, must be chosen carefully to avoid any issues. To acquire the best coolroom shelving and racking for your business, here are some things you need to consider when choosing these storage options.


One of the things you need to consider when choosing coolroom shelving and racking for your business is their dimensions. You already know the actual size of your coolroom. The only thing that you need to do is to get shelving and racking that can fit inside your coolroom. Failure to match these storage solutions to your coolroom, after all, may only lead to unnecessary delays in your business operations as you have to return them.


The products you will be storing inside your coolroom, especially on your shelving and racking, should also be considered when choosing them. The number of products you will store can be a crucial factor in selecting these cold storage solutions as they have to fit them effectively. Additionally, the characteristics of your food items and drinks must also be considered as some of them can be delicate and can spoil easily once they interact with specific materials. In this case, you must go for shelving and racking made from food-grade materials.


The style or type of shelving and racking should also be accounted for when picking them for your coolroom. Knowing their style or type can affect their general installation, layout, operation, and maintenance. Most of them would differ in shape and design. One style of shelving and racking is mobile, which can be moved around the coolroom whenever necessary. Wire grid-post shelving and racking, alternatively, can maximise airflow and stay intact for a long time. Wall shelving and racking, ultimately, are intended to be installed on the walls.


One more thing you must consider when picking some shelving and racking for your coolroom is their cost. This element hugely depends on your budget. However, you must ensure that you obtain these coolroom accessories from manufacturers that can provide you with different designs and styles from varying values. You must also ensure they meet your requirements without compromising their quality at great prices. The existence of a warranty on your coolroom accessories is even better for their overall value.

To gain access to high-quality coolroom shelving and racking, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

Food service and retail businesses take advantage of coolrooms and freezer rooms to store a wide array of perishable products. They also use these cold storage solutions to keep products that have been recently opened or prepared.

If your business maximises these cold storage solutions, you already know their importance to your operations. The presence of a coolroom and freezer room can ensure that your products’ shelf life can be extended for a few days. They can also preserve the taste, nutrients, and other qualities that will make them still useful and consumable upon storing them for days.

Holidays, however, are getting closer. Without proper upkeep of your coolroom and freezer room, they might not be able to preserve your items effectively. So, before the holidays come, you must already start maintaining them. Here are some reasons why they should be maintained as early as possible.

Regulate Energy Use

One of the top reasons why you should maintain your coolroom and freezer room before the holidays is to regulate their energy use. These cold storage solutions are expected to draw a lot of power as they operate every day. And with a higher number of products being stored, they can easily increase the amount of energy being consumed. Failure to maintain them optimally, however, will only force them to utilise energy way beyond their usual power requirements, increasing your energy bills by a massive amount in the long run.

Maintain Performance

Another reason why you must maintain your coolroom and freezer room is to maintain their performance. Largely connected to the first reason, your coolroom and freezer room can only work properly and draw less energy if their components have been checked and serviced properly. Seals, doors, walls, cooling components, and others should all be checked to see if they can still carry out their respective functions. Without functional components, your items may not be preserved optimally. They can also lead to ice and mould build-up.

Minimise Product Loss

As the owner of the coolroom and freezer room, you must have them inspected and serviced before the holidays to minimise product loss. Your cold storage solutions, as mentioned earlier, operate every day. And without regular maintenance, some of their components might be faulty already. Failure to service these damaged components will only lead to the spoilage of the items. Keeping spoiled products inside these rooms can then damage most of your products, which can lead to a sharp decline in your revenues and sales.

Guarantee Safety

One more reason why you must maintain your coolroom and freezer room before the holidays is to guarantee the safety of your employees. Your employees regularly visit your coolroom and freezer room to store and get some items needed by your business. Without regular upkeep and servicing, your rooms might already be filled with ice that can cause slips and falls. They may also develop some moulds, which can pose health risks to the employees. Opting for upkeep before the holidays can ensure that the rooms will be free from hazards.

If you need help maintaining your coolroom and freezer room before the holidays, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

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