4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Plastic Strip Curtains over Conventional Doors

25 May 2022

Businesses that maximise cold storage facilities should be insulated properly to prevent warm temperatures from ruining the stored products. Some businesses that require efficient cold storage facilities are retail stores, food processing plants, and restaurants.

Cold storage facilities can only be effective if they are integrated with the right accessories and components. One of the things that can enhance their performance is plastic strip curtains.

Plastic strip curtains are normally placed right at the entrance of cold storage solutions. They can also be installed on loading dock doors and other places where the temperature is vital. Conventional doors may be utilised as an alternative option for these things, but the following reasons reinforce plastic strip curtains as the most recommended option for these areas.

1. Low Energy Costs

If you are currently managing a cold storage facility, opting for plastic strip curtains is more preferred than the conventional doors as they can provide lower energy costs. Your facility would typically utilise a cooling system to effectively decrease the temperature of the surroundings and preserve the quality of your products. Once you opt for a conventional door, some people may forget to close it upon leaving or entering the facility, forcing your cooling system to use more energy. Plastic strip curtains, on the other hand, do not force the system to utilise more energy as they can already retain indoor temperatures.

2. Boosted Productivity

Another reason why you must choose plastic strip curtains over conventional doors is they can boost the productivity of your employees. Working in a hot and humid workplace can be extremely uncomfortable. And with prolonged exposure to this type of work environment, they may end up performing poorly, granting your business significant income loss. Since plastic strip curtains can retain the cold temperatures of your facility, you can expect your employees to be more productive. These curtains can even allow natural light to enter, granting employees well-lit workplaces throughout their operations.

3. Effortless Upkeep

Plastic strip curtains are known not only for generating low energy costs and boosting productivity but also for making your maintenance requirements easier. Plastic strip curtains do not require regular maintenance to work and operate well. They do not even need regular servicing to last for a long time. With their effortless upkeep, it can help you and other business owners to cut down upkeep costs and requirements. This advantage cannot be provided by conventional doors since they can allow outdoor elements and microorganisms from accumulating on their surfaces.

4. Simple Installation

One more reason why you must go for plastic strip curtains instead of conventional doors is they can be installed conveniently. Plastic strip curtains are easier to install than conventional doors since they do not require additional contractors. They can even be arranged according to your preferences, which is a benefit that conventional doors may not achieve right away. Whenever you want to place them in other areas of your facility, you can conveniently take them out and install them whenever and wherever you want. The convenience of installing them can ultimately save you time and effort.

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