Advantages of Customising Your Coolroom and Freezer for Your Business

13 January 2016

An assessment of currently operating coolroom and freezer setups devolves into a confusing though enticing voyage of discovery unless you know what to expect. There are restaurant and hotel coolrooms, walk-in areas designed to match the scale of the work conducted within medium-sized food preparation facilities. Then comes beverage containment, the storage of delicately cared for bottles of wine. Next, just to illustrate the diversity of the field, there are mammoth installations, frozen warehouses that store slabs of beef at sub-zero temperatures. These sharply contrasting facilities meet national guidelines, of course, but think of the advantages to be found in going further, the benefits of customising the temperature-controlled environments so that they meet a client’s unique vision.

Made-to-Measure Excellence

The space inside the sealed chamber is built by traditional designers to meet dimensional measurements, the location of shelving, the absolute temperature spread as set by a thermostat, but customising services go further, taking you down the extra mile that ensures your stock is both accessible and safely stored. One example would be a more exacting temperature maintenance model, a thermostat that offers auditing features and a digital assurance of set thermal levels. Specialised shelving comes next, representing a feature that shows off the advanced skills of your installer. Imagine a vintage bottle of wine kept in just the right climate and snug on a specially shaped shelf. The even chill would then be set by strategically placed convection fans, a circulating current of cool air that guarantees each bottle is chilled.

Expanded Coolroom and Freezer Design Goals

The above example represents customer demand on a fractional scale, but the tailoring of refrigeration space is found on every level of the scale map. The modular design must be overlaid on top of the kitchen space or storeroom with exquisite care for detail so that it fits both spatial limitations and available electrical power, and this same external design versatility extends to the air ductwork and the plumbing, elements that control defrosting cycles and the air funnelled into the input port of the refrigeration unit.

The unique fingerprint of the right coolroom and freezer solution adopts the versatility of modern modular elements while adhering to standard engineering principles, features and functions that enhance the abilities of the walk-in area so that it matches and even excels beyond the blueprints submitted by the client. The final solution is thus tailored to fit both space and function, whether those stipulations veer toward a more practical configuration, an aesthetic design, or a combination of the two forms.

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