All the Advantages of Adding PIR Fire Resistance Panels to Your Coolroom

13 July 2022

Coolrooms are cold storage spaces that intend to keep food items and delicate products fresh and secure. While they are designed to store these products optimally, various elements can still affect the overall performance of these spaces.

One of these elements is airflow. The effectiveness of their cooling mechanisms relies on the way air circulate inside their spaces. And with proper item organisation, the cold air inside is expected to reach all corners of the coolrooms without any problems. Another element is the insulation. By adding door seals, door curtains, and other similar mechanisms, coolrooms can easily prevent heat from entering.

Panels can also maintain the insulation of coolrooms. To date, various materials can be used for these parts. But one specific type of panel that has become more popular today is the polyisocyanurate (PIR) fire resistance panel. Adding this panel to your coolroom can provide you with the following advantages.

Enhanced Fire Safety

One prominent advantage of PIR fire resistance panels is they can enhance the overall safety of your coolroom. Since they are created to resist fire for a long time, your coolroom and other areas of your business can remain relatively safe in case of a fire. Flames and other elements of a nearby fire will not be able to spread easily with the installation of these panels.

Ensured Resistance

Another advantage of PIR fire resistance panels is they can provide moisture resistance to your coolroom. Unlike other panels, these special panels will not allow water and moisture to get absorbed easily. This resistance can then guarantee that the panels will remain strong and functional throughout their service life. The panels will not even need regular maintenance, helping you save resources.

Guaranteed Durability

Not all coolrooms have a stable environment. Some may be situated in a more aggressive environment, exposing them to various alkaline, acid, and other harsh elements. Fortunately, PIR fire resistance panels do not only resist moisture but also other harsh chemicals and elements. Their biological stability makes them resistant to elements that can be damaging to other panels.

Simplified Installation

PIR fire resistance panels are known for not only enhancing fire safety and ensuring resistance to elements but also for simplifying installation. These panels are not that heavy, allowing them to be installed by experts and even your employees without any issues. They can even be moved and installed in another place if you need to build temporary cold storage outside your default coolroom.

Heightened Protection

One more advantage of PIR fire resistance panels is they can protect the items inside the coolroom from damaging elements. Since they can resist almost all damaging elements, you do not have to worry about your products getting spoiled or damaged. And as they continue to insulate the coolroom, the temperature of this storage unit will remain optimal for preserving your items for a long time.

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