Commercial and industrial buildings must possess a layout that prioritises not only the appeal of their rooms and spaces but also the accessibility of employees between rooms and spaces. Without securing proper layout, some workers may end up encountering delays when trying to finish specific tasks just because of a wrongly-placed desk or door.

And speaking of the door, the pathways towards vital rooms and areas inside these buildings should also be planned optimally to allow workers to go in and out of these places conveniently. While several rooms must boast self-closing doors to make their operations hands-free, other spaces must utilise plastic strip curtains to make room access easier. Plastic strip curtains can also isolate noise, reduce pests and contaminants, and regulate temperatures.

Given the qualities of plastic strip curtains, many buildings can take advantage of these things. Here are some of the best places to install plastic strip curtains.

  1. Production Facilities

Production facilities are comprised of sections that carry out different tasks. One section could be dedicated to the manufacturing of the products, while the other section must deal with their packaging. Some more sections that these facilities possess may carry out the acquisition, storage, assessments, and distribution of products. Now, to effectively distinguish these sections without spending too much money and compromising manoeuvrability and visibility, owners of production facilities can opt for plastic strip curtains.

  1. Distribution Centres

Distribution centres and warehouses are built to store tons of products before they get distributed to various stores and customers. And since the loading docks of these places can be populated with people, these places need to be accessible. These areas must also be free from contaminants and pests that can ruin the products. Fortunately, plastic strip curtains can be installed on these buildings as they can deter these elements effectively. They are also ideal for high-traffic areas as employees do not need to turn any doorknobs.

  1. Cold Storage Units

Cold storage units that can be found in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centres, and even restaurants should always be operational, especially when it comes to providing cold temperatures to perishable products. While some of them can be fitted with doors, they can pose some problems to employees as they must open them fully before loading and unloading the products. With plastic strip curtains, all they must do is to enter the cold storage units and store the items optimally.

  1. New Irregular Spaces

Most buildings already boast all the spaces needed in conducting their operations. From storage places down to their distribution, these areas already boast elements that can make them work. But there are times when these places would become overwhelmed with many products. And to ensure that they can still operate, they end up converting dead, empty spaces into makeshift storage and loading areas. Installing plastic strip curtains in these places can be done easily to ensure that workers can still store their products and protect them from the elements.

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Coolrooms in certain industries are utilised to provide cool temperatures to products that need to be served and sold fresh. Without these rooms, some products may spoil right away, which may lead to a loss in earnings and may even compromise the health and safety of employees.

One must-have feature of coolrooms is PVC strip curtains. They create appropriate portioning and division in coolrooms and freezers. Even industrial workplaces, factories, warehouses, kitchens, and storage areas use them for the very same purpose. Aside from portioning, PVC strip curtains are also installed on the said places since they make accessibility more convenient.

Benefits of Installing PVC Strip Curtains

Installing PVC strip curtains on areas that require cold storage is done since businesses believe in their accompanying benefits.

Choosing the Right PVC Strip Curtains

The benefits of PVC strip curtains can only be experienced in your coolroom if you choose the right size and fitting. The size of strip curtains can be measured according to their strip width and thickness, both of which are important to make your coolroom more effective in keeping the interior temperature optimal. 

The recommended thickness of strip curtains for the coolroom may range from 3 to 4mm. Moreover, the width of your PVC strips must be around 6 inches so that your coolroom can maintain its temperature effectively. However, if your coolroom is surrounded by a high-temperature area, then the use of thicker PVC strip curtains is highly recommended.

By choosing the right size of your PVC strip curtains, the performance of your coolroom will be boosted and enhanced, ultimately helping your business to succeed in the long run. Turn to C&M Coolroom Services today so that we can provide you customised PVC strip curtains according to the condition and needs of your coolroom.

Door gaskets play a significant role in coolrooms and freezers. They can seal the gaps at door perimeters to effectively block any infiltration of sound, light, heat, drafts, moisture, fire, and smoke. These gaskets are essential in creating a more insulated environment, especially to those who are engaged in commercial foodservice and retail businesses. 

Coolrooms and freezers are often used to store and chill food products like poultry, raw meat, fresh produce, and beverages. Without effective insulation, most of these products can easily spoil and even affect the quality of other food products. Ineffective and faulty door gaskets are believed to be one of the main reasons why some businesses suffer easy spoilage of food. With poor maintenance of these components, you can expect to experience the following effects.

Attracts Mould and Mildew

The warmth from the outside air and the moisture from the interior of your coolrooms and freezers can readily attract mould and mildew. The accumulation of these harmful elements speeds up if your door gaskets are poorly maintained. Once the moulds and mildew have infiltrated your coolrooms and freezers, your door gaskets will become brittle and cracked over time. Moreover, the longer they stay inside your coolrooms and freezers, the more damage they can do with your products.

Affects Food Quality

The prolonged presence of moulds inside your coolrooms and freezers can affect the quality of your food products. In fact, they can be dangerous to human health. Food products that are contaminated by unwanted mould spores can cause allergic reactions. Other effects of consuming products infected with mould include congestion, wheezing, eye and skin irritation, aggravate asthma, and other respiratory disorders. In severe cases, mould contamination can even cause cancer. 

Consumes More Power

Since your coolrooms and freezers are not entirely closed and sealed, they will find ways to maintain and keep up their optimum interior temperature. They will be forced to consume more power just to eliminate and get rid of the extra heat that is coming from the outside. Since they are required to consume more power, they will have to convert more electricity, which ultimately leads to more expensive utility bills.

Damages Equipment

Poorly maintained door gaskets will continuously allow harmful elements to go inside your equipment and components. The presence of mould, mildew, and heat inside your coolrooms and freezers can eventually cause them to get damaged and wear down. Your equipment will force themselves to beat the heat by consuming more power than usual every day. The internal parts of your coolrooms and freezers will also start to wear down due to continuous exposure to heat, mildew, and mould. 

To avoid these effects, it would be best for you to have your door gaskets checked and maintained properly. If you want help in maintaining your coolrooms and freezers, just call us at C&M Coolroom Services. We cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, and controlled environments in shops, factories, and other similar premises. 

In purchasing a coolroom, you must consider a lot of factors to make it effective for your business. Your new asset must be designed well to avoid encountering major and critical problems in the long run. If your coolroom is designed poorly, then you may have to expect some shortcomings and issues as you run your business.

Some business owners tend to overlook the effects of acquiring a poorly designed coolroom. In case you are curious about how a poorly designed coolroom can cause you, then have a look at these following problems.

Moulds on the Wall

The fluctuating surface temperature together with unstable moisture level can initiate the growth of mould. Keeping the coolroom dry, disinfected, and clean can keep off moulds. However, proper insulation can avoid condensation and redevelopment of mould in the future.

Rotten Wall

When moisture is sipped into the wood cladding of your coolroom, then it might cause a real problem to your coolroom. This problem is caused by wall rotting, which only exists if your coolroom has no vapour barrier. The same thing can also happen if the vapour barrier of your coolroom is wrongly installed. One way to prevent a rotten wall is to use different insulation materials.

Dripping Ceiling

Another poor design choice for your coolroom can result in a dripping ceiling. It is normally caused by improper installation of the vapour barrier, inadequate ventilation, or poor attic solution. This problem can be solved by applying proper insulation and directing the vapor barrier’s pressure direction correctly.

Air Temperature Fluctuations

Storing a lot of items in your coolroom requires it to provide more cooling power. If your thermostat is located in the wrong place, then it’s sensing power may be affected, losing the ability to adjust the temperature needed for your coolroom. Moreover, the evaporator coil with a huge temperature difference can also cause uneven airflow within your coolroom. 

Poor Compartmentalisation

A coolroom with poor compartmentalisation and shelving can significantly affect its performance. Even with increased compartment, it is still not recommended for you to mix different kinds of foods as they require different temperatures for storage. Moreover, varying food products that share the same compartment speed up the rotting process of one another due to the presence of different elements.

Improper Flooring

Insulation of the floor is important if you have a medium or large size coolroom for you to effectively maintain its required temperature. Floor insulation can also increase energy efficiency. Without it, you may have to spend more money on your energy consumption instead of saving a lot.  

Lack of Important Features

The presence of automatic defrosting can ensure maintenance-free performance for your coolroom. Moreover, an adjustable thermostat can help you set the most optimum temperature based on outdoor weather conditions. Without these features, your coolroom can spend more energy than its intended limit.

If your coolroom is designed poorly, then you may run into some problems in the future. To avoid obtaining critical issues as you use your coolroom, then have it checked with us at C&M Coolroom Services. 

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