Benefits of Blast Freezers

25 January 2018

An arctic chill sends the mercury level on a wall-mounted thermostat plummeting. The perishable contents inside the insulated storage unit freeze. This is a blast freezer, an environment that’s ruled by frigid power. In here, banks of fans force icy air across the food. Flash frozen in an instant, the cooling system does consume more energy than a conventional freezer, so what benefits offset this extra power expenditure?

Supports Cellular Preservation 

Imagine a plate full of raspberries. Cooled inside a regular freezer, the water stored inside this succulent fruit expands. It turns to ice. The cell membranes of each juicy raspberry end up as a mushy mess because of that cell rupturing effect. Blast freezers cool water-loaded foods so fast, there’s no way this cellular damage can take place.

Flavour and Texture Preservation 

This next benefit follows directly on from our initial conclusion. Basically, the flash frozen cells remain undamaged, so the food’s texture is retained. Meaty soft tissues cook as intended when this key feature is realized. Likewise, the nutrients stored in the meat, vegetables, and fruit are preserved. Finally, and perhaps best of all, the food tastes better. Those preserved nutrients are plainly translated into a finer eating experience.

Acts as a Powerful Bacterial Exterminator 

Regular freezers do slow the growth of these microorganisms, and they may even send the bacteria to sleep. A shock freezer, which is another name for this rapid freezing equipment, eliminates all but the most stubborn bacteria. The tiny organisms can’t stand the extreme cold, nor can they metabolize when they’re deprived of liquid water. Shock freezers enhance food-hygienic cooling environments.

Designed to Create Specialized Commodities 

Classed as a time-sensitive freezing process, shock cooling is also employed in many other food-based instances. Ice cream makers rely on the production of tiny ice crystals when the fan-powered cooling effect sends the temperature tumbling. TV dinners also take advantage of this fast production feature. The cellophane-packed meals slide past the chiller units on a production line, only to exit seconds later as a packaged item, ready for the supermarket cooler.

Instead of large, cell-rupturing ice crystals, blast freezers create small packets of finely chilled water. Those smaller ice particles assure taste and texture preservation. Furthermore, this rapid cooling process is designed to kill bacteria, so the equipment has an inbuilt food purifying feature. Finally, blast freezers are designed to operate on production lines. They flash preserve TV dinners, ice cream, seafood, and other perishable commodities so that they can be delivered to market in a timely manner.

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