Benefits of Coolroom Panels and How to Design Them Properly

16 May 2023

Coolroom panels should be designed properly so they can minimise the energy use of coolrooms, improve hygiene, enhance durability, and remain flexible at all times.

Coolrooms or cold rooms are temperature-controlled environments utilised for the storage of perishable products like food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items. They often feature components that can maintain a constant temperature range of 0°C to 8°C. These cold storage solutions are used in food manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare industries.

One part of coolrooms that makes them effective for the storage of temperature-sensitive items are the panels. Coorloom panels are made of high-quality insulating materials that are sandwiched between metal sheets to effectively provide a barrier against heat transfer.

Coolroom Panels Key Benefits

The addition of well-designed coolroom panels can provide tons of benefits to coolrooms. Some of their benefits are the following.

• Ensured Energy Efficiency: Coolroom panels offer excellent insulation to coolrooms, keeping their internal temperature stable, and reducing the need for energy-intensive cooling systems. These qualities allow businesses to save on energy bills.

• Improved Hygiene: Another benefit of coolroom panels is they can improve the hygiene of the coolrooms. They are easy to clean and maintain, which makes them ideal for environments where hygiene can make or break their operations.

• Enhanced Durability: Coolrooms can only last for a long time if they are equipped with coolroom panels. Since these panels are often made from high-quality materials, businesses can expect their coolrooms to withstand harsh conditions like extreme temperatures and humidity. These components can ensure that coolrooms can last for a long time without compromising service.

• Retained Flexibility: Coolroom panels, ultimately, can be made with various thicknesses, sizes, and configurations. This versatility makes them highly adaptable to different environments and requirements. They are even easy to dismantle and reassemble, making them a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses that alter their facilities regularly.

Designing the Coolroom Panels

Careful consideration of several factors is needed to make sure coolroom panels can match the operating requirements of coolrooms. If you will be getting one, you must consider the following steps to avoid any issues along the way.

• Determine your space size and configuration: The first step that you must do is to determine the size and configuration of your space. Doing this helps you determine the number and size of panels your coolroom requires.

• Choose the insulation material: The performance of your coolroom panels relies on your insulation material. Some factors you need to consider when picking the insulation material are thermal conductivity, compressive strength, and water vapour resistance.

• Pick the right metal sheeting: The metal sheeting for your coolroom panels can be made from steel. However, you can also use aluminium for the panels. Your choice of metal sheeting may depend on your preferred panel strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.

• Establish the required temperatures: The temperature range needed for your coolroom may depend on the products you will be storing. Frozen foods, for instance, need a lower temperature range than fresh produce. Your temperature range may also affect the thickness and insulation properties of the coolroom panels.

• Consider your coolroom’s location: If your coolroom is in a busy area, you must opt for panels with high sound insulation to minimise noise pollution. You must also consider the accessibility of your coolroom as the installation of the panels can be difficult if it cannot be accessed without disassembling the whole thing.

Coolroom panels are an excellent solution for creating temperature-controlled environments in a range of industries. By following these key steps, you can ensure that your coolroom panels are designed and installed to provide maximum energy efficiency, durability, and performance.

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