Clear Plastic Swing Doors: Improving Overall Workflow in Food Businesses

25 August 2023

Maintain convenient passage for personnel, carts, and equipment in your food business with clear plastic swing doors from C&M Coolrooms. Discover the benefits.

In food businesses, clear plastic swing doors are typically integrated into various areas of food establishments to maintain visibility and accessibility. These businesses also utilise these doors to effectively maintain a controlled and clean environment. Most of the time, these doors are made from transparent materials like polycarbonate or PVC so they can be useful.

Now, if you are thinking of improving the overall workflow in your food business, you can never go wrong with clear plastic swing doors. Some benefits you can get from them are as follows.

Enhanced Visibility

Clear plastic swing doors provide excellent visibility between different areas of your food business. Their transparency allows your employees to see and monitor activities, which reduces the risk of collisions and accidents. It also enables supervisors to maintain visual oversight and ensure the compliance of the place with hygiene standards.

Simplified Access

Aside from enhanced visibility, these swing doors are also designed for easy and convenient access. They are lightweight and swing open easily, allowing employees to move through doorways quickly without hindrance. Their hands-free operation is particularly beneficial in food handling areas where employees typically have their hands occupied.

Established Control

Clear plastic swing doors help maintain temperature and humidity control within different zones of your establishment. They act as barriers as they deter the transfer of heat, cold, and moisture between different areas. Their temperature and humidity control are especially important in food storage areas, walk-in coolers, freezers, and climate-controlled production rooms.

Ensured Protection

The transparent nature of clear plastic swing doors allows for easy monitoring and detection of pests. Any pest activity can be quickly identified, which enables timely intervention and preventive measures. Moreover, these doors can be equipped with additional pest control features like insect screens or air curtains to further prevent pests from entering the premises.

Guaranteed Compliance

Clear plastic swing doors support compliance with food safety regulations and standards. They provide a physical barrier that helps control the movement of contaminants, dust, and airborne particles, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. By creating separate zones, they can contribute to maintaining proper food handling practices and reducing the potential for the spread of foodborne illnesses in your food establishment.

Reduced Noise

Clear plastic swing doors can help reduce noise levels within your facility as they act as a barrier to block and absorb sound. Through their sound blocking and absorption features, they can easily minimise the spread of noise from one area to another, making them beneficial in busy food preparation areas, equipment rooms, and production spaces with high noise levels.

Improved Durability

Clear plastic swing doors are designed to withstand the demands of busy food businesses. They are made from durable materials that can resist impacts, abrasions, and chemical cleaning agents. Their durability ensures their longevity and cuts the need for frequent replacements, which later results in huge cost savings.

Clear plastic swing doors can offer numerous advantages in your food business, including improved visibility, easy access, temperature and humidity control, noise reduction, pest control, compliance with food safety standards, and durability. Adding these doors into your business’s workflow can easily enhance efficiency, ensure food safety, and create a conducive working environment for your beloved employees.

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