Controlled Environment Shops Depend On Coolroom Services, Does Yours?

17 February 2015

Certain businesses rely on controlled environments for profit. There are flower shops, delis, groceries, fruit and vegetable marts, bakeries, restaurants, dairy shops, and breweries just to name a few. Some, if not all of their perishable items, need to be stored in a cool environment. Otherwise, they would spoil and go to waste.

The aforementioned controlled environment shops depend on coolroom services to keep their businesses running. But you’re not sure if you need them too. Here is a list of telltale signs that you need a coolroom as well.

Sign #1: You sell consumable products.

It doesn’t matter if everything or only a few of the products you sell are prone to spoilage. As long as you have consumable items in your inventory, you require coolroom services. A walk-in coolroom or a display refrigeration counter prolongs perishable stocks, extends their shelf life and prevents them from going to waste. It keeps your products fresh and your customers happy. A coolroom also increases your revenue since you are less likely to spend on newer stocks.

Sign #2: You have perishable ingredients.

Not all businesses sell products that spoil. Some controlled environment shops depend on coolroom services because they have ingredients that require refrigeration. Restaurants and cake shops are good examples. They don’t always serve fresh food, but they prepare meals and confectionaries by using stored ingredients. If you keep ingredients that may expire unless they are stored in a cool place, then you need a coolroom or a mobile refrigeration unit.

Sign #3: You own several refrigerators.

Keeping your products and/or ingredients fresh is good. But if you maintain several refrigerators to store them, you might as well shift to a coolroom. Having one too many refrigerators takes up space. They’re also costly to maintain since they collectively rack up on your electricity bill, and more often than not, require repairs more frequently than coolroom refrigeration units. Instead, you can replace your refrigerators with a single coolroom to free up space and save money on repairs and electricity. It just makes sense.

Sign #4: You need accessibility to stocks.

Is your storage space too crammed? A coolroom has a larger space for storage and can be modified to allow easier accessibility to stocks. Your staff wouldn’t have to waste time finding products or items since they can be efficiently stored in plain sight. The space of a coolroom can also be maximized for optimum storage. C&M Coolroom Services provides adjustable shelves and caters to the special needs of their customers.

Sign #5: You want safer storage.

Much like any business, yours is not immune to theft or vandalism. Someone might intentionally or accidentally tamper with the power source and risk the spoiling of your items. With a coolroom, you can protect your power inlet from these dangers and ensure the preservation of your products.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
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