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25 March 2015

The coolroom market is formed from high capacity refrigeration units, solid chambers that are mechanically and electrically tied to efficient air-cooled condensers. The unrefined models that first gave birth to the industry were built from metal rooms lined in wood and sealed by hinged doorways. Hunks of ice provided the cooling force within these early models and they were generic though functional answers during the pioneering days of food preservation. Fast forward to today, to Victoria and Australia, and the industry has been redefined by new technology.

Compact walk-in coolers and massive coolrooms in Victoria are intelligently built to hold diverse ranges of product, with each structure utilizing tailor-designed plans that satisfy every client-compiled specification. Initial properties descend from simple dimensional attributes, the capacity to store bulk product, and the subsequent cooling capabilities of condenser coils and fan modules. These are the engineering aspects of cooling but design features cover more than these functional aspects. To illustrate that point, take note of a few core features when considering a coolroom for your business:

  • The type of product and level of cooling required
  • Door design
  • Insulation materials
  • Storage medium, such as interior shelving or meat hooks
  • Heat transferral outlets

The installation of the room necessitates enough space be provided for every component and that there be a path to the outside, a venting route to disperse of heat build-up. Also, the client needs to be informed of entryway options. Does the door need to be widened to move heavy slabs of butchered meat on a forklift truck? Perhaps a customized rapid roll door would be preferable to a sealed cold door in this instance. Are pharmaceutical products being kept on rows of tall shelves? Then a less rugged interior lining with heavy insulation is the answer, a design that uses polyethylene panels and focuses on alternative storage options. Meat or bottles, scientific studies or butcher business, hygiene is always a top concern when storing perishable content. Thus, modern temperature control solutions can be entered into the design plans, digital management control and monitoring sensors that provide reports of cooling trends and aid in energy audits.

A purpose-built coolroom solution is the only realistic service in the competitive world of cold storage. Compile a list of characteristics for the construction phase, perhaps defining whether this is a simple cooling environment or a precisely controlled freezing area. Are bottles or packages being stored? Maybe the space will hold beef or chicken, slabs of organic matter that require hooks and shelves. Tie these requirements in with your energy budget, thus allowing the expert at C & M to create the best possible cooling solution, and install that efficient cooling package quickly and expertly.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
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