Coolroom Door Parts and Seals: Improve the Efficiency of Your Coolroom by Adding Door Enhancements

23 March 2023

Coolrooms are significant to food service and retail businesses as they can store a wide range of foods and drinks for a long time. They can also preserve their freshness, shelf life, and overall quality by exposing them to cold temperatures.

But before they can provide these benefits, business owners and managers should make sure that these cold storage facilities can work effectively and efficiently. Failure to ensure these things may only lead to products getting spoiled. And as products get spoiled, employees will not have any choice but to discard and replace them, costing more expenses than revenues.

The Influence of Door on Coolroom Performance

A lot of elements can be considered in improving coolroom efficiency. If you are one of the business owners who utilise a coolroom, you may want to ensure that it will be equipped with vital door enhancements.

Your coolroom door should always be managed optimally to ensure that the cold storage facility can retain low temperatures at all times. Door performance, after all, may affect the running costs of the coolroom’s cooling system. It can also influence the quality of products that are being stored inside the coolroom. Poor door management, alternatively, can lead to product spoilage, accumulation of thick ice, refrigeration system failure, and so on.

Door Enhancements Improve Coolroom Efficiency

The efficiency of your coolroom can, fortunately, be enhanced by adding some enhancements.

One of the enhancements you can add to your coolroom is door curtains. Door curtains can be added to your pathway so that they can work as a barrier against outdoor air. They can also ensure that the coolroom temperature will be maintained, which can then lead to reduced energy use, increased life of the refrigeration system, and decreased breakdowns.

Aside from door curtains, you can also maximise door seals. Sealing is essential to your coolroom door as it can also deter outdoor air from entering your coolroom, especially when it is closed. You can see if the coolroom door sealing requires replacement if you can still see the outdoor light entering the coolroom interior. The presence of ice in front and around the coolroom door also means that the sealing should be replaced right away.

Aside from door enhancements, your coolroom performance can be optimised by closing the door whenever possible. Staff training and awareness can be a major factor in ensuring that the door will be closed at all times. People can also be reminded of this rule by adding signage, indicating lights, and even alarms.

Alternative Ways to Enhance Coolroom Efficiency

Many more ways can be done to enhance the efficiency of your coolroom.

Temperature management, for instance, is a great way to enhance the efficiency of your coolroom. You can set up a digital thermostat in your coolroom to ensure that its refrigeration system can work depending on its current condition. You can also use a room temperature sensor to monitor your coolroom temperature and adjust its refrigeration system accordingly.

Monitoring energy usage can also be done to enhance coolroom efficiency. You can install a monitoring system in your upstream power supply of the refrigeration system so you can visualise, monitor, and control energy usage throughout its operation.

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