Why Do You Need An Energy Audit For Your Coolroom?

06 November 2014

Why do you need an energy audit for your coolroom? That’s a good question. Coolrooms have been around in Melbourne for well over three decades. And in that span of time they have served different businesses with their storage needs. From bars to restaurants and flower shops to wineries, coolrooms have saved these businesses plenty of money by extending the shelf life of their foods and products.While coolrooms are meant to prevent unnecessary expenditures such as replacing spoiled stocks, they are not always cost efficient. Factors such as design and the present state of the coolroom must be taken into account when weighing the finale costs. By weighing in these factors, you can determine the extent of its efficiency and how it can be improved to save even more money. In which case, you can benefit from an energy audit for businesses.

Why do you need an energy audit for your coolroom?

An energy audit allows businesses to assess the state of their coolrooms. Are the freezers still functioning at optimum level? Do the doors shut tight and stop cold air from escaping? Are the condenser coils working? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered during an energy audit.

The overall condition of the coolroom is checked to see if everything is working well. That’s because the slightest problem in any of its equipment will reduce its energy efficiency and decrease your savings.

Regular energy audits enable you to fix these problems and maximize your savings. It also prevents the breakdown of your coolroom into a state that requires big repairs. Lastly, energy audits help you discover other means to save money, such as replacing outdated energy-wasting refrigerators with new ones, or installing new doors. That way, you can better decide which actions will lead you to greater savings.

All these are answers to your question: Why do you need an energy audit for your coolroom?

Where can I get an energy audit in Melbourne?

C&M Coolroom Services provide energy audit for businesses within Melbourne, and the surrounding areas. They provide businesses with expert advice concerning the energy-efficiency of their coolrooms. With the help of their services, not only can you assure the integrity and functionality of your coolrooms but also improve them.

C&M Coolroom Services can also help with any installation, replacements, dismantling, repairs, and redesigning that your coolrooms may need after an energy audit. They are highly trusted in Melbourne and have catered to a variety of businesses including hotels, supermarkets, laboratories, fast food outlets, seafood processors, and butcher shops just to name a few.

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