Coolroom & Freezer: Repair or Replace

06 February 2014

There are certain industries which require the use of a cool room or freezer. Fine examples are supermarkets and large convenience stores. These are establishments which need to keep some of their products frozen, or else they rot in a matter of hours. Items that need to kept in cool rooms and freezers all the time include meat and meat products (hotdogs, ham, et cetera), fish, dressed chicken, and a lot more. Bars need to keep their beers chilled, otherwise they will have a hard time keeping their customers. Installing a cool room or freezer can provide unlimited benefits for establishments that handle perishable items. Nevertheless, cool rooms can also prove to be advantageous to firms that do not deal with any physical product. How is that?

Any type of enclosure that has food and food products in it that is not completely sealed would definitely do better from a cool room or freezer. Germs thrive best when the environment is warm. When food is stored in a cool room, the result would be less waste and better, fresher products.

On the other hand, laboratories, research facilities, and other companies that deal with chemicals need cool rooms for the same reason. Chemical volatility invariably rises when temperature increases and keeping volatile chemicals in a cool environment can significantly minimize the possibility of accidents from happening.
But, a lot of people are not aware that companies dealing with soft goods such as paper or fabric also benefit greatly from cool rooms. Cool rooms provide something that is essential in keeping paper and paper fibre from expanding or shrinking, and that is low, stable humidity. Changes in humidity can cause paper and paper pulps to contract or expand and these expansion and contraction can hasten the degradation of paper product.

Servicing or Replacing a Cool Room

Cool rooms are vital to many industries and that is the reason why it is important to have this equipment well-maintained. Determining if a cool room or freezer requires repair or replacement should be done by cool room and industrial freezer experts. Maintenance is of utmost importance because replacement can be quite costly. Regular maintenance schedule will provide managers and business owners peace of mind, plus, it can extend the life of your system.

Constant maintenance work is essential in making sure that your cool room is working fine. You have to keep in mind that these freezers are some of the biggest consumers of electrical power. Poor cool room maintenance makes them susceptible to bigger energy costs. Large cool rooms and freezers should be able to comply with State Government Standards of efficiency. And this is where you need expertise of cool room service professionals. Because cool rooms are major investments inside your premises, cool room technicians are required to service and repair these fridge rooms and freezers in order to optimise their efficiency and save you both energy and money.

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