Coolroom & Freezer Repair

29 November 2013

When people think of coolroom & freezer repair, they instantly imagine that it is only necessary in a situation where the room no longer refrigerates. This is a mistake that could be costly if certain situations are not addressed in a timely manner. There are two categories of things the owner of any coolroom should keep an eye on: damage and maintenance.


These are the type of things that tend to be most visible to casual inspection. There are three things to look for.

The first major damage issue is the compressor failing or faltering. This should be pretty obvious as it will be either silent or far more erratic than normal. The obvious cost of this damage will be spoilage of any materials that need proper refrigeration.

Next is an issue that may or may not be easily spotted – gaps in walls. This could be caused by something literally knocking a hole in the wall, which will be obvious. It could also be caused by settling or shifting of the building. The latter might not be noticeable to casual sight as it could simply create a small space between formerly flush panels. This damage type could create anything from an increase in energy costs to complete failure of the refrigeration system, depending on the nature and extent of the damage.

Lastly, the thermometer and thermostat should be checked regularly to ensure that they are both functional and in sync. These two instruments getting out of sync could indicate another problem that is hurting the refrigeration in the coolroom.


The first, and easiest to spot, maintenance issue is rust. Failure to get the coolroom repaired when rust is spotted could cost money in two ways. First, the rust could contaminate anything stored in the freezer. Second, if left long enough, the rust could cause a catastrophic failure of whatever component where it is found, resulting in possible damage to other parts or things stored in the coolroom.

The second critical maintenance concern is frost buildup. As the refrigeration takes humidity out of the air, that moisture will condense somewhere. If it does so in a manner that it blocks a vent or clogs the compressor, serious damage could result, not to mention spoilage issues as the temperature rises.

The last maintenance concern to inspect is infestation. Mold and other fungi can flourish within a coolroom and release toxins into the contents of the room and the lungs of anyone entering, while insects can wreak havoc on stored material.

Coolroom & freezer repair is not often required. By paying a little attention to regular maintenance and fixing any actual damage immediately, the freezer will function at full capacity for a very long time.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
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