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12 November 2013

There are some industries where having a cool room or freezer is glaringly important. A supermarket that can not keep its frozen foods frozen is almost certain to fail. Likewise, a bar that can not keep its beer chilled will probably have trouble maintaining regular customers. What too few businesses realize is that installing a freezer or cool room can benefit virtually any company that handles perishable materials, a list of which is far more extensive than one would usually think. Cool rooms are even counter-intuitively beneficial to companies with no physical product.

Any business that deals with food that is not hermetically sealed would benefit from a cool room. Bacteria flourish best in warm environments. By storing food in a cool room, the end result is either less waste or a superior, fresher product.

Laboratories or any other companies that deal with chemicals can benefit from the cool room for the same reason. Chemical volatility almost invariably rises when heat rises. Simply storing volatile chemicals in a very cool environment can drastically reduce the chance of accidents occurring.

While these may also seem obvious, it is less obvious that any company that deals with soft goods, like fabric or paper, would also benefit greatly from installing a cool room. While the coolness itself can help, of greater value is its side effect – low, stable humidity. Everyone realizes that changing heat causes objects to expand and contract. What fewer consider is the fact that most fibrous materials, especially natural fibers, expand and contract with changes in humidity. With the relatively fragile material that comprise such things as paper products of cloth, even this minor expansion and contraction can accelerate the degradation of the product.

While we have seen the advantage of the “cool” part of a cool room, there are also benefits to be reaped from the “room” part. Because of the thick insulation required for the walls of any refrigerated room, cool rooms are virtual vaults. Anything within one is likely to be safer from any disaster than something sitting outside the room. This is one of the key reasons that large corporations tend to build a cool room to house their important computer systems. As much as it stabilizes temperature and humidity, a cool room physically protects items located within it.

Some companies obviously need a cool room or freezer simply to operate, but even those that operate within industries that do not strictly require this can usually benefit greatly from the environmental control that comes with installing one.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
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