Coolroom Panels: The Right Thickness for Optimal Insulation

08 January 2024

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Cold storage solutions like coolrooms are meant to store a variety of products and items at cold temperatures to keep their quality intact. They can also help prolong their service or shelf life. But to ensure they can carry out their primary purposes, they must be equipped with proper insulation. One solution that secures the insulation of coolrooms is the integration of coolroom panels.

Coolroom panels, with the right thickness, must be installed in coolrooms to achieve optimal insulation, energy efficiency, and overall performance.

The Role of Insulation in Coolrooms

Coolrooms are essential for industries such as food storage, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors requiring temperature-controlled environments. The insulation of these spaces is vital to prevent temperature fluctuations, minimise energy consumption, and ensure the integrity of stored goods. Coolroom panels, typically made of materials like polyurethane or polystyrene sandwiched between metal facings, serve as the primary insulation component.

Selecting the Right Panel Thickness

At C&M Coolroom Services, we offer coolroom panels at varying thicknesses. Businesses that use coolrooms, after all, differ. When selecting the right thickness for coolroom panels, you must consider the following elements or factors.

  • Temperature Requirements: The desired temperature range for the coolroom is a critical factor. Different industries may have specific temperature requirements for the storage of goods, and the panel thickness must align with these specifications.
  • Energy Efficiency: Thicker panels generally offer better insulation, contributing to improved energy efficiency. If you are aiming to minimise energy consumption and operational costs, you must opt for thicker coolroom panels to enhance insulation properties.
  • Climate Conditions: The external climate plays a role in determining the required thickness of coolroom panels. Regions with extreme temperatures or high humidity levels may necessitate thicker panels to counteract external influences and maintain internal temperature stability.
  • Temperature Maintenance Duration: The duration for which the coolroom needs to maintain a specific temperature is a consideration. Thicker panels can provide prolonged temperature stability, making sure goods remain at the desired temperature even during extended periods.

Benefits of the Right Coolroom Panels

Investing in coolroom panels with the right thickness can provide your business with a lot of benefits.

First, optimal panel thickness can ensure consistent temperature control within your coolroom, safeguarding the quality and safety of stored goods. Using the right coolroom panels can also contribute to the energy efficiency of your operation as they reduce the need for continuous cooling. This benefit results in lower energy consumption and operational costs over time.

Coolroom panels with the right thickness are likewise better equipped to withstand temperature variations and external conditions, which contributes to the longevity and durability of your cold storage facility. Ultimately, utilising the right coolroom panels ensures the compliance of your business with industry standards and regulatory requirements, promoting a safe and controlled storage environment.

Determining the right thickness for coolroom panels is a critical decision for your business if you rely heavily on temperature-controlled storage. The balance between optimal insulation, energy efficiency, and practical considerations is key to achieving long-term success in cold storage solutions. At C&M Coolroom Services, we offer coolroom panels varying from 50mm thickness to 150mm thickness. They can be made from standard styrene, urethane, and many more materials.

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