Coolroom Parts and Accessories: Why Quality Comes First?

09 March 2016

An emphasis on quality can make the difference between healthy and hazardous when it comes to sealed climate controlled areas. It’s practically an ethical demand, the need to build the chamber so that the temperature is controlled, the food is properly cooled, and beverages stay cool without freezing. Words like reliability and consistency come to mind, and those terms lead on to other words, to mechanical certitude, material durability, and an overall design that incorporates superior parts. Of course, now that this self-contained chilly environment is working optimally, the worst thing to do would be to replace any of these premium components with a substandard part.

Substitute coolroom parts and accessories are shiny and wear-free when unpackaged, but do they share the same material characteristics as the operating walk-in freezer? Are they designed in accordance with demanding engineering standards? These two metrics play a major role in measuring quality. For instance, suppose the new part is brand new and fresh out of the package. It shines and reflects the kitchen lights in an attractive manner but feels light and flimsy. Install the part and it will, in all likelihood, wear fast and compromise the operating efficiency of the cooling gear. A substandard insulating panel will warp under low temperatures and cause the temperature to rise. Poorly treated metal will corrode. Electrical parts will stop or work poorly, again incurring energy losses and expensive repair charges. High quality coolroom parts and accessories avoid this painful circumstance by not becoming the weak link in the cooling chain. Remember, linear cooling is the goal and hygienic food storage is an essential part of this target. Introduce a low quality accessory, a shoddily manufactured component to the equipment and, well, you’re just asking for trouble.

It’s been all doom and gloom so far, so let’s finish on a high. An installation agent who has the wit and experience to only offer high quality parts brings many advantages. The part is always guaranteed to be at least as strong as the other components in the cooling system. A smart engineer also recognizes the fact that the best coolroom parts and accessories cast a revealing light on the integrity and values of his company that they act as representatives of the firm long after the engineer has finished the job. Capable of ensuring the operational age of the system meets its specified lifespan, parts that adhere to high quality manufacturing standards pair perfectly with diligent installation standards to form a productive coolroom, one that will perform up to and beyond expectations.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
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