Coolroom vs. Walk-in-freezer

19 March 2014

Let us first take a look at the difference between a walk-in freezer and a coolroom.

Actually, their main difference is the level of temperature. While a coolroom is designed to keep its contents in cool temperature to keep them fresh, a freezer is set to provide temperature below zero degrees Celsius. The latter is designed to keep whatever is inside it frozen. For example, vegetables and other produce and fresh meat are stored in coolrooms while mice cream is ideally stored in a freezer. Furthermore, a walk-in freezer should is built with more insulation inside its walls and its flooring is built differently.

If you are operating a restaurant or supplying perishables to various establishments, you would need to acquire the right storage. And as discussed above, coolrooms and walk-in freezers have their own products to protect. If you have lots of deliveries within a week and you still have enough space, then it is absolutely important that you purchase a cold room, walk-in freezer, or both. Both temperature control rooms would be great for storing huge containers and boxes of produce, cheese, pails of food and just about anything else that is huge and perishable.

Most hotels and large restaurants have become heavily reliant on appliances that offer to make their work easy and to add efficiency to the kind of work that they do. Coolrooms and walk-in freezers eliminate going to the market everyday buying fresh produce for the day’s offers. With coolrooms and walk-in freezers, large amounts of consumables can be stored and kept fresh for days. And, what has not been consumed today may be stored and re-used until the next days. Without coolrooms and walk-in freezers, all perishable items such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and meat will rot and be made practically useless. This can lead to large amounts of losses for the owner of the establishment.

As soon as the need for refrigeration became a necessity, companies linked with meat-packing and breweries began using the latest temperature control methods in preserving their products. And thanks to continuous research, the corner convenience store and restaurant can now have superior options when it comes to refrigeration and cold storage. Today, with the introduction of modern technology, we have far better and superior options for cold storage and refrigeration. Today, we heavily depend on refrigeration and cold storage for our daily life needs. These apparatuses work towards keeping the food items in safe and consumable condition.

Bigger refrigerated units are being installed in large warehouses. A lot of big manufacturing and distribution forms make use of cold storage warehouses with walk-in freezers and coolrooms in order to keep their products in safe consumable condition.

As was already mentioned, the type of food that needs to be preserved will decide on the kind of cold storage that will be installed. Aside from food, other items that require consistently cool temperatures include medical supplies and chemicals.

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