Customised PVC Strip Curtains for Coolrooms Available at C&M Coolroom Services

11 May 2020

Coolrooms in certain industries are utilised to provide cool temperatures to products that need to be served and sold fresh. Without these rooms, some products may spoil right away, which may lead to a loss in earnings and may even compromise the health and safety of employees.

One must-have feature of coolrooms is PVC strip curtains. They create appropriate portioning and division in coolrooms and freezers. Even industrial workplaces, factories, warehouses, kitchens, and storage areas use them for the very same purpose. Aside from portioning, PVC strip curtains are also installed on the said places since they make accessibility more convenient.

Benefits of Installing PVC Strip Curtains

Installing PVC strip curtains on areas that require cold storage is done since businesses believe in their accompanying benefits.

  • Temperature Control: PVC strip curtains can effectively control the temperature of your coolrooms since they prevent heat from entering your facility. They can also contain the temperature of your room as long as they are installed correctly. With temperature control, the products in your coolroom will not spoil easily. Moreover, your employees can work more comfortably and conveniently. 
  • Convenience: PVC strip curtains usually have a transparent or translucent appearance that allows employees to see through them easily. This appearance also helps the facility to receive natural light if possible. Aside from the appearance, the structure of strip curtains permits employees to pass through them without the hassle of opening and closing them.
  • Element Restrictions: What is great about PVC strip curtains is that they can effectively isolate noise, which allows your workplace to be free from any unnecessary noises. Apart from noise, these strip curtains can also prevent pests and contaminants like dust, smoke, dirt, and fumes from entering your coolroom, which can help maintain the quality of your products.
  • Cost-Effective: To date, PVC strip curtains are the most affordable kind of industrial barrier that you can buy and install today. And even after a long time of use, these curtains will surely last for a long time, minimising the need for constant repairs and maintenance. For businesses that are on a budget, installing these curtains will not only help your business save money but also provide your employees with added protection. 

Choosing the Right PVC Strip Curtains

The benefits of PVC strip curtains can only be experienced in your coolroom if you choose the right size and fitting. The size of strip curtains can be measured according to their strip width and thickness, both of which are important to make your coolroom more effective in keeping the interior temperature optimal. 

The recommended thickness of strip curtains for the coolroom may range from 3 to 4mm. Moreover, the width of your PVC strips must be around 6 inches so that your coolroom can maintain its temperature effectively. However, if your coolroom is surrounded by a high-temperature area, then the use of thicker PVC strip curtains is highly recommended.

By choosing the right size of your PVC strip curtains, the performance of your coolroom will be boosted and enhanced, ultimately helping your business to succeed in the long run. Turn to C&M Coolroom Services today so that we can provide you customised PVC strip curtains according to the condition and needs of your coolroom.

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