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13 March 2015

Energy is a finite resource on our planet. We live and work by this statement, recognizing that there’s no true separation between the two. Indeed, unless we all address energy-saving issues with thoughtfulness and a constant awareness of where energy is going, the act of living becomes that much harder and expensive. These core values have already been covered in past articles, but we intend to take the auditing process to the next level in this article.

Firstly, we serve the spirit of the highest energy-saving practices by underscoring the purpose of an audit. The label simply refers to the act of determining which stages of a cooling operation are resulting in loss. The ideal mathematical formula would see the energy in the form of electrical input equaling the energy used to keep your coolroom at a desired subzero temperature. Unfortunately, there are factors that cause a differential in energy consumption, wastage that has an undetermined effect on the environment. In other words, you’re using more energy than you need to when freezing your stored content. And, not surprisingly, this lost energy isn’t free. What this means to the operator of the storage unit is a rise in energy bills, a factor that’s much easier to define in comparison to environmental issues.

The ironic disconnect caused by conducting a poor energy audit typically comes from poor organization, the waste of manpower and mental energy when addressing the process. Structure eliminates this issue. Structure the audit with a documented assessment of critical issues, following the action with the evaluation of components that contain fractional energy losses. Returning to our earlier use of basic arithmetic, tiny losses add up. Therefore, while the audit may centre on the physical components of a refrigeration unit, the condenser coils and refrigerant levels of the specialized cooling assembly, also move on to the tightening of fan belts and the replacing of filters. To reiterate the point, for every broken door seal on a cooling cabinet, a film of invisible dirt is slowing a fan motor and causing a subsequent rise in energy bills. In other words, do sweat the details, at least when it comes to a competent energy audit.

If you’re eternally aware of the damage energy losses are causing to our environment, call C&M Coolroom services to conduct the energy audit. If your thoughts turn to what you consider more immediate considerations, the loss of dollars due to poor insulation or a poorly maintained cooler, the same recommendation applies, call C&M Coolroom Services for an evaluation and a professionally compiled report. But remember, you can avoid adverse situations by applying common sense. Keep your cooling equipment far from heat sources and separate the cold and hot areas of a commercial kitchen.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
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