Health and Safety Prerequisites for a Coolroom Environment

07 May 2018

Businesses need to understand the health and safety prerequisites for a coolroom environment, before installing or refurbishing one in their establishment. They need to know that these rooms must stay at the right temperature for the items that will be stored in them. This will influence which type of coolroom that they need to install in their establishment. Also, these businesses need to train their employees of the dangers of these rooms in order to prevent issues and injuries. Refer to the following explanation for further facts about these and other prerequisites.

Install the Right Size of Unit for Your Needs

Select the size of unit that you will need to accommodate your needs in a non-crowded manner. For one thing, this will make it easier to locate the items that you require when the time comes, and for another thing, food or other items will cool in a more thorough manner when they are not all crammed together.

The Coolroom Must Stay at the Correct Temperature to Safeguard the Enclosed Elements

When you choose your coolroom style and size, you need to ensure that it will reach and maintain the correct temperature to keep your items safe and fresh for use. The desirable temperature will be dependent upon the elements that you need to refrigerate in it. After all, many types of businesses require the use of coolrooms and range from food-service ones to wineries and laboratories.

Train Your Employees About Proper Coolroom Operation and Any Risks

You have a responsibility to train your employees of the proper way to operate, maintain and access your coolroom setup. Through this, you will prevent unnecessary issues and even injuries from occurring. Training needs to include all pertinent regulations, and you should do it on an ongoing basis to ensure that new employees receive all of the instructions as well as refresh the memories of the present employees.

Your Coolroom Must Adhere to OH&S Standards

A coolroom of any type must adhere to OH&S standards in order for a business to use it without issues. These standards govern the construction of it along with the range of temperatures that it can reach and maintain. This is especially vital if you are refrigerating food or medical items.

For additional health and safety prerequisites for a coolroom environment, consult with C&M Coolroom Services. We not only install, renovate, repair and maintain quality coolrooms, but we also do the same with controlled environments, blast-freezers and freezers for factories, restaurants, stores, laboratories, supermarkets and food preparations or processing facilities.

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