How Coil Performance Restoration Can Contribute to Coolroom Efficiency

15 May 2019

If a coolroom’s layout is optimized, yet the equipment’s still drawing way too much electrical energy, something’s still not right. Odds are the refrigeration unit has some kind of a performance frustrating issue. Even more frustrating, this issue is ongoing. It’s not getting any better, and it won’t until someone tracks down the energy siphoning cause. Calling in an expert service engineer, that pro-worker should head straight to the equipment coils.

Obstructed Refrigerator Coils Cause Energy Losses

Indirectly speaking, the icy build-up hampers coil efficiency. Perhaps there’s excess moisture coming off of a row of frozen meat, or maybe the region in which the coolroom resides is naturally humid. Whatever the reason, the excess moisture condenses when it comes in contact with the evaporator coils. And it’s not going to stay that way for long. After the condensate forms, it freezes. Over and over, this cycle repeats until a thick layer of ice impacts the cooling mechanisms heat transferring functions. Meanwhile, over on the condenser coils, dirt and debris have a similar effect on the heat release stage. Without a fully exposed condenser, the refrigerant can’t cool and condense efficiently.

Coil Restoration Methodologies

It’s nice to know that a little warm water and soap can restore a complicated assembly of technologically advanced electro-chemical parts to their functional best. Instead of replacing a hard to get at compressor unit, the servicing team just washes the dirt off of one coil while someone else removes the ice from the second set of coils. Only, hold on, it’s not quite that straightforward. To really restore heat transference performance, elbow grease isn’t enough, not even with a bucket of hot water. In reality, when refrigeration companies offer a coil restoration service, they’re talking about powerful steam equipment and cleaning agents. Applied as a multi-stage system rejuvenation process, steam and non-corrosive cleaners soften and-de-bind the ingrained dirt. 

There’s outside work to be done. The vents and filters require cleaning. If they’re filthy, a few replacement parts will soon fix things. That same approach won’t work on the condenser coil. Likewise, after the ice has been carefully melted off the evaporator coils, there are still traces of muck and gunk coating those exposed parts too. A run-of-the-mill coolroom servicing company might try that warm water and soap approach, and they might even have limited success. Stepping up to the next level, a genuine coil restoration assignment uses proprietary coil cleaning techniques, which may or may not include steam ablation technology. With coil performance back to its functional best, advanced auditing and data collection instruments make sure coolroom efficiency is maximized.

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