Kason Hydraulic Door Closers: Reasons Why It Can Malfunction

17 August 2018

When you walk into your coolroom in order to fetch a product or store a product, you are likely anticipating that the process is going to go smoothly. By this, we mean that you are expecting your hydraulic door closer to operate effectively by allowing you to close the door without slamming. The motion should be smooth, quiet and effective. With high quality Kason hydraulic door closers, you are getting a door that should work well the vast majority of the time. However, there are going to be rare occasions when your hydraulic door closer malfunctions. Today, we are going to highlight the most common causes of malfunctions for your hydraulic door closer.

Reasons Why Your Kason Hydraulic Door Closer Malfunctioned

Like any machine or mechanical component, problems are bound to occur with your Kason Hydraulic door closers. It doesn’t matter how well made the product is, issues tend to crop up over time. When you run into problems with your door, don’t panic. Instead, simply read the following list so that you can learn some of the most obvious and common causes of door malfunction.

1) Issues with your hydraulic arm.

This is the first place that you should look when your door malfunctions. The hydraulic arm of your Kason door closer can cause door jamming for a variety of different reasons. The most common reasons? Overtightened screws or a simple lack of lubrication. These are quick fixes that just about anyone can handle.

2) Your air pressure release valve is busted. 

With hydraulic doors, the pressure release valve is incredibly important. If you find that your door is jamming or having trouble shutting, there might be an issue with the air pressure release valve. In these situations, you might simply need to have the valve serviced in order to end all issues. This can be accomplished by remounting the valve after lubricating it.

3) Your door closer is leaking.

Finally, your Kason Kason Hydraulic door closer might actually be at fault! Pay attention when you close your door, if you see that there is oil leaking from the closer then you need to reach out to a professional in order to come and service the closer.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why your Kason Kason Hydraulic door closer might malfunction. The overwhelmingly likely issue has to do with proper maintenance related concerns. Lubrication, proper fastener installation and general cleanliness can go a long way toward preventing any future issues with your coolroom’s door. If you need assistance, contact C&M Coolroom Services for further help with your door.

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