Key Factors You Should Consider When Selecting Your Coolroom Doors

11 October 2022

When storing perishable items, businesses often turn to coolrooms for this purpose alone. Coolrooms are effective in carrying out the said activity as their cooling units can maintain internal temperatures throughout their operations. They also have enough space to accommodate large quantities of varying products.

But the effectiveness of coolrooms can only be maximised fully if they have the correct type of doors. By investing in the right coolroom doors, these cold storage solutions are expected to preserve the quality of items optimally. These doors can also help these coolrooms to prevent outdoor elements from infiltrating and damaging the deposited products. The right coolroom doors can likewise ensure the longevity of the cold storage solutions themselves.

When selecting the doors for your coolroom, you must consider a wide variety of factors. Some factors you need to consider when selecting them are as follows.


One factor you should consider when selecting your coolroom doors is efficiency. Different items are stored and pulled out of coolrooms every day. Without using the right doors, the internal temperatures of these rooms may gradually increase until they become ineffective. Opting for doors that move at high speed, alternatively, can cut down the amount of heat entering the coolrooms. And as these doors retain the cold temperatures of coolrooms, the rooms’ cooling units will not be forced to consume too much energy anymore.

Environmental Control

The efficiency of coolroom doors is directly affected by their environmental control. Considering this factor in choosing the doors of your cold storage units can ensure that your stored items will not get spoiled easily. Doing this can likewise make sure that food safety will be maintained throughout your business operations. When choosing your doors, you must opt for those with tight seals so they can reduce the transfer of heat from one place to another. You must also utilise those with high R-values to mitigate heat transfer from one medium to another.


Coolrooms may have been designed with safety features. However, opting for doors with enhanced safety capabilities is still recommended to prevent downtimes due to safety issues. Your coolroom doors should have the ability to retain optimal internal temperatures and prevent the build-up of ice and frost. They must also be equipped with LED light indicators, safety reversing edges, and audible alarms so that employees will be protected from any potential troubles. These door components make sure that the coolrooms will remain safe all the time.


Coolroom doors may be opened and closed manually. But opting for ones with activation control can make things not only safer but also easier for employees. They can also improve productivity, reduce downtimes, and prevent unwanted opening and closing actions. When choosing the right activation control for coolroom doors, you must heavily consider their physical attributes, traffic flow around and inside the coolrooms, and their availability. Some activation controls for these doors include motion detectors, pull cords, and push buttons.

Choosing the right coolroom doors can ensure that your operations will be done optimally all the time. If you need some help, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services.

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