Quality Coolroom Installation: What Makes Up a Good and Reliable Installer?

15 January 2019

On paper at least, expert coolroom installation teams deliver industry-superior solutions that exceed the expectations of demanding clients. More accurately, the cold room installer is involved with the project from start to finish, from concept stage to the moment the equipment is finally commissioned. What qualities best describe one of those master system installers? Experienced, of course, elite industry professionals command several key system-installing talents.

Team Rendered Multidisciplinary Talents

As stated above, optimal solutions are made possible by an approach that’s actioned as soon as the project starts. For a less-than-stellar group of installation engineers, that attitude is sadly missing. Unable to adopt a blank slate installation mode, they call in general-purpose contractors, who carry out the light construction work. Good and reliable installers don’t farm out the work, they get in on every stage of the installation.

Shaping the Negative Space

Before the modular wall panels are assembled, the installation pros form the coolroom’s mounting space. Vent routes require planning, so the light construction taskforce gets going. There’s the insulated flooring to establish. Does spray-on insulant satisfy the job specs? If a concrete mix is mounted below the cooling enclosures, will it support the freezers while also delivering space for the building material to expand and contract? In a nutshell, is this a coolroom installer’s way of getting the job done, or is it a general contractor’s modus operandi? The latter approach builds structurally stable edifices, which is all well and good. Unfortunately, cold rooms are dynamic structures, although their movements are hard to perceive with the naked eye. To make the structure, including the insulating panels and flooring, plus the finely built cooling framework the client needs, coolroom-oriented construction specialists should really take charge.

Equipment-Specific Installation Expertise

Reliable coolroom installers arrive on-site when the project starts. They control every element of the job, as stated in the above paragraph. Electrical team members take care of the interior lights, thermostats, system electronics, and the refrigeration equipment. Meanwhile, mechanically minded operatives assemble the coolrooms and connect the vents. Of interest, a specialist manner of addressing the work is desirable, but that doesn’t stop the team from expressing a jack-of-all-trades work style. Mechanical system installers support the electricians, and vice versa.

When all of their duties are almost over, the reliability factor comes to the fore. The workforce is confident, but they know that human errors can occur. To check up on each other’s work and ensure optimal system functionality, a checklist is called in by a site competent person. A foreman, maybe a team leader, ticks off every installed wall panel, mechanical subsystem and venting run. Electrically safe, thermally efficient, storage-optimized and hygiene-reliable, quality coolroom installations are only considered properly commissioned after every checklist box receives a positive tick.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
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