Quality Freezer Installation: An Essential Fastfood Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

13 December 2018

Fast food restaurants might not install fancy frills, but they do enforce the same food-safe regulations as any elegant eatery. Behind the swinging kitchen doors, the catering equipment is just as clean and just as functional, so the gear inside a diner is far from that, far from junk. Equipped with the latest and greatest refrigeration systems, fast food restaurants keep their burgers safely frozen.

Buying In the Cold Storage Equipment

Short-order cooks are busy frying up the burger meat. Fryers are nearby, sizzling with onion rings. The aromas in the kitchen are making the customers hungry, so an employee is heading back to pull out another load of frozen meat. This is service-line food processing, so a commercially equipped walk-in freezer is required. It sits shining behind a kitchen partition. Epoxy-coated wire shelves are loaded up inside the enclosure. The shelves adjust, one notch at a time, so that burger meat and larger slabs of beef or chicken slot tidily into their allocated storage zones. What’s on the opposite wall? Bins of frozen potatoes occupy the shelves. They’re peeled and ready to be pressed through a french fry cutting machine.

Fast Food Freezer Installations

Think about the catering personnel and equipment in a fast food establishment. They’re relying on customer turnover, on drive-through windows and short-order cooking times. A burger gets flipped, a deep fryer cooks breaded chicken, and french fries pile high on greaseproof paper. Speed dominates service-line cooking. Unsurprisingly, the food storage area behind the kitchen operates at a different pace. Installed by professionals, by technicians who’re intimately familiar with the service line food storage and processing chain, the sealed modular components occupy a predetermined space. Thermal barriers block the vestibule area from greasy smoke and spitting fryer oil. Out front, upright refrigerators are located far away from the fryers and open oven ranges, but the vestibule-enclosed walk-ins stay cool, even when they’re a few metres away from the line.

Are there buffers that can be installed when a fast food kitchen is too close to a freezer? After all, as soon as the food leaves a supply truck, a reefer of some kind, it’s the sole responsibility of the restaurant manager. Fortunately, there are codes that make sure restaurant bosses take their responsibilities seriously. They ensure the installation of PVC freezer curtains, a branded refrigeration unit, spring-loaded vinyl doors, and more. With higher volume turnovers, fast food installers focus on freezer systems that are designed to properly cool and store perishable items so that they safely reach a customer’s awaiting tray, hot and fresh.

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