Reasons Why You Need an Energy Audit

14 January 2014

Not all companies have the sort of capital that allows them to upgrade all of their old equipment whenever they want or even need. Commonly, business owners are at risk of not being able to do anything to prevent incurring losses when those pieces of equipment finally break down. If you would consider yourself among the group at risk, fear not, because there are services available to you that could improve the energy efficiency of the equipment you have already. An energy audit is one such service.

Performing an energy audit correctly requires a combination of skills and knowledge that could be gained only through years of doing it. This service involves inspecting, surveying and analyzing the energy flowing within a building, process, or system in order to reduce the amount of energy input therein without negatively affecting its output or outputs.

An energy audit may also be described as a combination of art and science. For example: any change made to a piece of equipment or a part of a process or system is likely to have an effect on the others, so making such changes must be done with consideration to the context of the entire operation. Both honed skills and industry-specific expertise are needed to be able to so. Further, it takes a great knowledge of industrial systems, processes, and environments to optimize the operation of all the pieces of equipment used for an industrial system.

If you could find a provider of energy auditing services that combine such science with such art, then you would be ensured equipment energy efficiency possibly at little cost.

Four reasons why you need an energy audit

1. An energy audit could save you money. This service costs hundreds to thousands of dollars less than replacing your old equipment which no longer functions properly or having these pieces of equipment repaired.

2. An energy audit enables you to streamline. To be precise, an energy auditor gives you an overall view of your entire system’s energy performance, which enables you to identify the systems and/or processes that consume the most energy and then prioritize what needs to be done or changed. It also enables you to focus your efforts one system or component at a time, increasing your chances for a substantial return on investment.

3. An energy audit lets you learn even more about your equipment. You’ll be able to compare actual operating parameters, the equipment manufacturers’ specifications, and industry-accepted energy efficiency best practices with such knowledge—enabling you to apply the ones most suitable for you.

4. An energy audit could enable you to come up with better ways of running your company. For example: A well-implemented energy management program could cause the perspectives of all the stakeholders in your company to shift towards a better understanding of energy as a controllable cost, which will enable everyone to run the company even better.

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