Removing Mould in Cold Rooms

03 March 2014

It is essential to your operations to guarantee that you have a clean and mould-free cold room. The incorrect maintenance procedures can result to contamination of your food and create possible health issues. To aggressively combat contamination, there are some procedures that you need to follow aside from making sure that you adhere to the required temperature requirement when storing perishable items. Here are some of them:

  • If the budget allows, allocate specific cold room storage sites for every department
  • Refrain from storing any type of paper products inside the cold room since they can absorb moisture and become the source of moulds
  • Tag every item inside the cold room
  • Place all rubbish outside the cold room, never inside
  • Repair all water leaks ad soon as possible
  • The door of your cold room should be kept close all the time
  • If you can, avoid using shelves that are made of wood

Hire a professional to clean your cold room storage. You can be assured of professional cleaning procedures with outsourced cold room cleaning contractors. With them, you are guaranteed that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. They also record all their cleaning chores which mean you would know when the next ideal cleaning schedule would be. All metal surfaces should be wiped clean and they will be able to do that. They also use the right cleaning solutions for every type of surface and you can rest assured that they will painstakingly check all your stored items for possible mould growth.

Cleaning chemicals

All cold room contractors use various chemicals in sanitizing cold rooms. Most use ethanol because of the chemical’s favourable and effective effects. They also check with our current state laws and procedures required for these types of sanitation jobs. The moment you suspect the formation of mould, have it checked right away because it may be already causing health complications. It is important to call a professional to make sure that your cold room is compliant and working in tiptop condition.

The cold room’s floors, walls, ceilings and shelving should all be cleaned and completely sanitized to help preserve and fulfil sanitation requirements.

Hygiene is always of highest importance inside the cold room. Cleaners usually begin with the cold room’s compressor and the area around it if they are accessible. A simple vacuum cleaner with crevice tools will do the trick if you want to get rid of dust accumulation in that particular area.

Inside the cold room, it is very important to keep the floor surface spic and span. Spills can be removed with warm water and soap. Although not totally unhygienic, spills can cause accidents for everyone entering the cold room. Abrasive cleaners are also important in making sure that everything that got stuck on the walls and floors of the cold room are totally removed.

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