Resolving the Most Common Issues with Commercial Freezer Rooms

17 November 2022

Food service businesses utilise freezer rooms to store products they will later use or sell. With the addition of freezer rooms, they can safely store food items and preserve their freshness by exposing them to freezing temperatures.

Some food items often stored in freezer rooms are butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, beef, chicken, fish, pork, sausage, scallops, and shrimp. Freezer rooms can also be used to preserve the quality of avocado, berries, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cherries, mushrooms, onions, and potatoes. Given the number of food items that can be stored inside these cold storage solutions, they should always be assessed, cleaned, and maintained.

If you are utilising commercial freezer rooms, you must ensure they will not have any issues. But once you have spotted some, your team should be ready to resolve them right away. Here are some common issues with these rooms and ways to fix them.

The Build-up of Thick Frost

One common issue with freezer rooms is the build-up of thick frost. When checking your freezer rooms, you may notice thick layers of frost covering their walls. As time passes, food items that have been inside these rooms for a long time may also be coated with frost. This issue is often caused by unstable freezing temperatures and humidity levels inside the freezing rooms. To resolve this problem, you should check and replace your room sealing. You must also replace your freezer panelling immediately.

Erratic Temperatures

Upon entering the freezer rooms, employees should wear proper clothing to protect themselves from low temperatures. Now, if they find the room temperature to be too warm, you may have to troubleshoot the freezer rooms. Freezer rooms may have a faulty temperature sensor, which pushes their temperatures to fluctuate. Failure to close the doors for a long time can also lead to erratic temperatures inside these rooms. Servicing the sensor and keeping the doors closed regularly may help resolve this problem. If not, you may have to call a professional.

Odd Noises and Odours

The only odour you and others should smell inside the commercial freezer rooms must only come from your fresh food items. Once you find yourself covering your nose due to lingering or fluctuating stale odours, you may have to check the operating conditions of the freezer rooms. Freezer rooms that fail to freeze your products may be due to a worn-out condenser or leaky coolant. Aside from odd odours, you may suddenly hear noisy components running in the background. To resolve these, faulty components must be fixed or replaced immediately.

Increased Energy Bills

One more issue that your commercial freezer rooms may possess is the increase in power consumption. Freezer rooms are expected to draw a huge amount of energy throughout their operation. But if your energy bills suddenly increase, you may have to check the condition of your freezer rooms. You must assess if your freezer rooms have leaky components. You must also check if your freezers have a faulty thermostat or other components. Now, if these issues do not exist, you may have to replace the freezer components altogether.

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