Safety Features Every Coolroom Should Have

28 February 2020

Coolrooms are necessary so that food products and other items are kept in a place with optimal temperature. These rooms are frequently used in hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. 

Business owners and their employees frequently go here to inspect, load, and take off products for commercial use and purposes. Just like other workplaces, accidents, and other incidents may happen if there are only limited safety features. As a business owner, you should prioritise the safety of you and your employees whenever you go here.

A safe working environment can boost the performance of your business. So, if you want to improve your business and promote a safe working environment, then you should equip your coolroom with these following safety features and equipment. 

Power Source Location

The power source of your coolroom must be located outside so that you can access it easily. Having outside access to your coolroom’s power can help you regulate the whole system even without entering the vicinity. 

RCD Safety Switches

Additionally, your coolroom’s power source must have a residual-current device (RCD) safety switch. This safety switch can help you avoid any fatal electric shock whenever you touch some live wires. This switch can also instantly switch off the electricity if there are any problems with your coolroom’s system.

Failsafe Emergency Releases

Some doors automatically lock whenever there are power interruptions. If you have this type of lock and you are inside the coolroom, then you have to wait for your power source to be back on. To prevent this from happening, you have to equip your coolroom with failsafe emergency release doors. This type of doors will fully unlock whenever power is removed.

Essential Lighting

A poorly lit coolroom can be dangerous to you and your employees since some equipment or storage products may suddenly drop or fall over with accidental bumps. But with the help of internal lighting, your coolroom will have better visibility throughout the operations of your business. Some lights that you can install in your coolroom include fluoro lights, heat lights, recessed canopy lights, LED lights, and many more.

Aside from internal lighting, you should also invest in some glow-in-the-dark signs and markings. These signs and markings can offer significant blackout visibility whenever the coolroom has no available light source.

Removable Panels

Your coolroom must be accessible inside out since some emergencies require a full entry. The accessibility of your coolroom can be done through the installation of lightweight removable panels. These high-quality lightweight panels are easily removed from the inside or the outside in case an emergency arises.


Just like any other commercial facility, your coolroom must also be equipped with alarms. These alarms will help you determine the types of danger that your facility has. With the presence of alarms, your company can quickly prevent any accidents or determine any break-in attempts.

Coolrooms play a huge role in some businesses. Without any safety features, your business will be at risk of losing revenue and even harming people. To know more about coolrooms and other safety measures, you can ask us anything here at C&M Coolroom Services.

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C&M Coolroom Services
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