Specifying Sliding Coolroom Doors: Key Things to Look For

06 March 2024

Sliding Coolroom Doors

Ensure efficiency with the right selection of sliding coolroom doors for your needs. Available at C&M Coolroom Services, discover key factors to consider.

Coolrooms are cold storage solutions that can be integrated with several accessories, including sliding coolroom doors. Sliding coolroom doors are essential as they provide access while maintaining the temperature control and energy efficiency of coolrooms. They are generally comprised of insulated panels with a sliding mechanism, allowing them to be open and close horizontally along a track.

Sliding Coolroom Doors: Considerations

When specifying these doors, you must consider several things to ensure optimal performance and durability. Some of these things are as follows.

•  Thermal Insulation: One of the most important things to consider when specifying sliding coolroom doors is thermal insulation. Sliding coolroom doors should have high-quality insulation materials and a tight seal to minimise heat transfer and maintain the desired temperature inside the cold storage facility. Look for doors with insulation properties suited to your temperature requirements and energy efficiency goals.

•  Durability: Sliding coolroom doors are subject to frequent opening and closing, as well as exposure to temperature fluctuations and moisture. Hence, you must choose doors that are constructed from durable materials so they can withstand these conditions without warping, rusting, or deteriorating over time. Doors made from corrosion-resistant metals or composite materials are known for their strength and longevity, making them durable and long-lasting.

•  Dimensions: The size and configuration of sliding coolroom doors should be tailored to the specific requirements of your cold storage facility. Consider factors such as the size of the opening, clearance space, and traffic flow patterns when selecting door sizes and configurations. You must also opt for coolroom doors that provide adequate clearance for the movement of your goods and equipment while maximising usable space within the cold storage area.

•  Smooth Operation: Smooth operation is another critical factor you must consider for your sliding coolroom doors to ensure ease of use and minimise wear and tear on the door components. Choose doors that are equipped with high-quality rollers, tracks, and hardware designed for smooth and reliable operation even under heavy usage. Before specifying them for your cold storage facility, you must test the doors for smoothness and ease of sliding.

•  Safety Features: Safety is highly significant in cold storage facilities, especially when it comes to door operation. Therefore, you must utilise sliding coolroom doors that are equipped with safety features such as motion sensors, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks to prevent accidents and injuries. Likewise, ensure that these coolroom doors comply with relevant safety standards and regulations to protect workers and reduce liability risks.

•  Insulation Breaks: Insulation breaks are areas where heat can transfer through the door, compromising energy efficiency and temperature control in the cold storage facility. Specify sliding coolroom doors with effective insulation breaks or thermal breaks to reduce heat transfer and prevent condensation buildup around the door edges. Insulation breaks must be strategically placed in coolroom doors to secure uniform thermal performance across the door surface.

Invest in Sliding Coolroom Doors Today

Specifying sliding coolroom doors requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure efficiency, durability, and safety in cold storage facilities. By evaluating these previously stated factors, you can select sliding coolroom doors that meet the specific requirements of your facility and contribute to optimal performance and energy efficiency. Invest in high-quality sliding coolroom doors from C&M Coolroom Services today to enhance the functionality of your cold storage operations.

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