The Essence of Coolroom Mastic: Ensure Proper Insulation and Temperature Control

08 April 2024

Coolroom Mastic

Ensure coolroom insulation and temperature control with Coolroom Mastic. Available at C&M Coolroom Services, know its role in food safety and energy efficiency.

Refrigeration and coolroom storage rely on products like Coolroom Mastic to effectively maintain an optimal temperature. With Coolroom Mastic, coolrooms can easily preserve perishable goods without compromising their operational efficiency and energy conservation.

What is Coolroom Mastic?

Coolroom Mastic is a one-component, non-drying, and polybutene-based mastic that is often used in the construction and maintenance of coolrooms and other cold storage solutions. The primary purpose of this sealant is to fill gaps, cracks, and seams in the coolroom’s structure, thereby preventing air exchange between the interior and exterior environments. This item is specially formulated to withstand low temperatures without cracking or becoming brittle, making it an essential component in the insulation system of any refrigerated space.

Many materials can be applied with Coolroom Mastic. They include most plastics, metals, glass, masonry, and wood. Aside from coolrooms, this product can also be used for other prefabricated construction applications.

Coolroom Mastic: Benefits

C&M Coolroom Services offers Coolroom Mastic to businesses that require proper sealing of coolrooms and other structures. Some benefits you can expect from this item are as follows.

•  Enhanced Insulation: By sealing off potential air leaks, Coolroom Mastic significantly reduces the risk of thermal bridging, ensuring the cold air stays inside and the warm air remains outside.

•  Energy Efficiency: Effective insulation directly translates into lower energy consumption. Coolrooms that are properly sealed with Coolroom Mastic require less power to maintain their set temperatures, leading to substantial energy savings.

•  Moisture Control: Moisture infiltration can be a primary concern in coolrooms, potentially leading to mould growth and structural damage. Coolroom Mastics can create a moisture barrier, protecting the integrity of the coolroom’s structure and the quality of its contents.

•  Extended Lifespan: By preventing air and moisture from penetrating the coolroom’s structure, Coolroom Mastic prolongs the lifespan of the coolroom and the perishable goods stored within.

Applying Coolroom Mastic

The application of Coolroom Mastic is a critical process that requires attention to detail to ensure a complete and effective seal.

The success of any sealing project begins with surface preparation. The areas to be sealed must be clean, dry, and free of any debris or loose materials. Coolroom Mastic can then be applied using a caulking gun, trowel, or brush, depending on the specific product and the area being sealed. This sealant must be applied evenly and thoroughly to cover all potential air leaks.

After application, the Coolroom Mastic needs time to cure. The curing time can vary based on the product used and environmental conditions, but it is generally recommended to allow at least 24 hours before the coolroom is put back into service.

Coolroom Mastic, which is available at C&M Coolroom Services, can guarantee proper insulation and temperature control of refrigerated spaces. By effectively sealing off air leaks, it contributes to energy efficiency, moisture control, and the extended lifespan of the coolroom and its contents. Proper application of this product is vital to maximising the benefits of this essential component.

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