The Essence of Dismantling and Relocating Your Coolroom Properly

18 November 2021

A lot of businesses utilise coolrooms in storing different types of perishable products at low temperatures. As long as these products are stored in these cold storage solutions, they are expected to last longer and retain their essential qualities.

Some businesses that maximise coolrooms include dining facilities, bars, laboratories, grocery stores, and warehouses. Many of these businesses utilise coolrooms in fixed positions for a long time. However, there are instances where these cold storage solutions must be dismantled and relocated.

Proper Dismantling and Relocation of the Coolroom

If your coolroomhas to be moved to another place, then you have to let the technicians do it. Most coolrooms today can be easily dismantled and relocated by technicians thanks to their panel composition. When dismantling the coolroom, they would typically unlock the panels so that its parts can be checked for any damages. Once water damages are found on the panels, they will be replaced with new ones. The rest of the panels, alternatively, will be sent to the new location. 

Aside from the panels, technicians would also have to check the compressor unit and other related electrical fixtures inside the chamber. Once issues have been found on these parts, professionals would assess if they can still be fixed. Other parts of the coolroom are then isolated from their housing and disconnected from the electrical supply so that they can be transferred safely and properly.

But before technicians can relocate your coolroom to the new place, they would first check the condition of the area. They would often identify if the new space can accommodate the size of the coolroom. They would likewise assess if the electric supply in the area can handle its operations. Once these things have been cleared, they would ultimately start with the coolroom relocation.

Primary Reasons behind Relocation of the Coolroom

There are a couple of reasons why your coolroom must be relocated. 

One of the reasons why your coolroom must be relocated is due to the lack of space. Your business may have expanded over the past few years. Hence, the number of products that you have to store has increased as well. Relocating your coolroom to a new space allows you to have an option to expand your storage area, which can then bring more revenues to your business.

Another reason why your coolroom needs to be relocated is that you already possess a broken or aged coolroom. A broken or aged coolroom needs to be fixed or even replaced entirely. And while you are still thinking of the best thing to do with your cold storage solution, you now have the chance to decide if you want to place it in the same area or not.

If you want to find out more about coolroom disassembly and relocation, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

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