The Importance of Compliance in Health Standards in Coolroom and Freezer Construction

06 December 2017

At C & M Coolroom Services we believe that your freezers and coolrooms need not only be professionally constructed, but completely safe and risk-averse. While most people take large walk-in freezers for granted, we understand that these are expensive projects that require several layers of planning followed by several more layers of safety checks and health standard testing. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about Coolroom and Freezer construction as well as why it is absolutely imperative that your project meets the health and safety standards that are expected of you.

Health Standards for Coolroom and Freezer Construction

Whether you are running a grocery store or a restaurant, being able to properly cool, chill and freeze your product is of the utmost importance. Of course, this does not preclude people from trying to take shortcuts and/or hedge their bets with a sub-par product. With that being said, having a high-quality coolroom or freezer that meets all health standards is absolutely necessary. Let’s talk about those standards and what you can do in order to make sure that your coolroom or freezer meets them.

At C&M Coolroom Services, we focus on providing you a custom built and custom designed coolroom/freezer. With our construction, we focus on meeting all of the health standards that are imperative to keep your business running. A few of the health standards we focus on include:

1. Vermin Control
2. Temperature Control
3. Specialised Sealant
4. Continuous Lamination

During the construction process, after you have designed your freezer and had your quote written up, we focus on several important construction aspects. All of our panels are covered with industry strength silicon sealants which helps to keep your freezer insulated and free from temperature and humidity fluctuations. The lamination process we pointed out above helps to bond to your panel, thus giving you easy-to-clean surfaces that are far healthier and safer for your walk-in coolroom or freezer. These specialised panels also help to provide you with a bacteria and mould resistant surface which prevents you from having to turn to protective painting.

After our construction is done, there are several other health standards that need to be met. For cold rooms such as the ones we’ve been describing, you need to have several other factors going in your favour. Those factors include the ability to open the door from the inside, a way to communicate through the door, as well as complete temperature control.

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