The Importance of Employee Safety in Walk-in Coolrooms and Freezers

09 September 2021

Walk-in coolrooms and freezers are some examples of cold storage solutions that can be very useful for commercial establishments and industrial properties. With these cold storage solutions, they can easily cool or freezer products so they can be preserved optimally. Walk-in coolrooms and freezers can likewise prevent harmful microorganisms from damaging delicate products.

But for these cold storage solutions to be very effective, they must allow employees inside to work efficiently. From loading to unloading the products, employees must feel safe and secure while they are inside the walk-in coolrooms and freezers.

Employee Safety is Necessary

Employees, as previously stated, must be able to work safely and securely whenever they are inside the walk-in coolrooms and freezers. Some of them, after all, may have to conduct a physical inventory count of the products. Others, alternatively, have to unload some of the products inside the coolrooms or freezers and send them to their intended locations and applications.

Without sustaining the safety of employees, walk-in coolrooms and freezers can easily pose some risks to their overall health and wellbeing.

One vital risk of ignoring employee safety is the spread of illnesses. Some examples of walk-in coolroom and freezer illnesses that can affect the health of employees include frostbite, frostnip, hypothermia, chilblains, and immersion injuries. As more employees obtain these illnesses during their work, the performance of businesses that rely on coolrooms and freezers will certainly decrease.

Maintaining Employee Safety

If you are currently managing a business that relies heavily on walk-in coolrooms and freezers, then you have to do everything just to keep your employees safe. Some of the things that you can do to ensure and maintain employee safety are as follows:

  • Clean the Units – One important thing that must be done to maintain employee safety is to keep the walk-in coolrooms and freezers clean. Cleaning these units regularly can prevent the growth and build-up of mould and fungus, saving employees from potential illnesses. Doing this can likewise minimise accidents since waste materials are removed from the units right away.
  • Keep the Surfaces Dry – Another crucial thing that can ensure employee safety is to keep the surfaces of the units dry. Spills can easily cause accidental slips and falls. Therefore, they must be cleaned and removed as soon as possible. To avoid too much moisture inside your coolrooms or freezers, you must ensure that all ice build-ups will be removed right away.
  • Store Products Smartly–Walk-in coolrooms and freezers have huge spaces to store products. But despite their available spaces, your employees should store the products safely and appropriately and avoid overloading or overstocking them. Overloading or overstocking the products may only weaken the shelves and eventually collapse, injuring any employees who are working on the ground.
  • Encourage Use of PPE – Personal protective equipment or PPE such as jackets, gloves, and eye protection can easily protect your employees from the low or freezing temperatures of your coolrooms and freezers. With proper use of PPE, your employees can conveniently work inside the cold storage units without the risk of acquiring illnesses or injuries.

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