The Importance of Freezer Grade Plastic Strip Curtains for Coolroom Efficiency

18 November 2019

Commercial coolrooms need to accurately maintain and regulate specific elements for more efficient operations. These elements include the temperature, contaminants, noise, and others that can affect you and your employees. One way to control these elements from affecting your business is through the installation of freezer-grade plastic strip curtains.

What makes plastic strip curtains essential to the operations of coolrooms is their properties and functionality. While they may be seen hanging freely on the entry and exit points of a room, these plastic strip curtains do a lot more to those who are inside of the room. The following benefits make the freezer-grade plastic strip curtains suitable for commercial coolrooms.

Maximises Money

Buying strip curtains can cost you less compared to buying commercial and industrial doors. Moreover, these curtains don’t need to be maintained all the time since their material composition can withstand a long time of use. This factor saves you from high-cost added expenses in the long run.

Requires Low Maintenance

Operating with strip curtains is easy since there is no involved moving or mechanical parts. The lack of such parts ensures that the strip curtains can work in a long time without undergoing regular repairs and maintenance.

Controls Elements

Your coolroom can be productive if it has the best temperature for your operations at all times. To make your coolroom more efficient, you may want to install strip curtains since they act as a barrier that prevents cold loss and reduce heating.

The barrier quality of strip curtains also works with sound, contaminants, and pests. They can reduce noise from the environment and maintain a workable environment for the employees inside the room. Strip curtains can also stop contaminants like dust, fumes, and smoke from entering your coolroom. Moreover, these curtains can stop pests in spoiling the products you have in the coolroom. Such pests include flies, birds, and mosquitoes.

Saves Electricity

Since strip curtains can already regulate the temperature, your coolroom doesn’t have to rely on heating or refrigeration system just to get the workplace functional. It can even save you some money from your power bill. 

Improves Workflow

A room with strip curtains is easier for employees to navigate since these curtains don’t need to be opened and closed. So, if you have numerous employees working in your coolroom, then strip curtains can smoothen the overall work process.

Reduces Accidents

Some strip curtains are made with transparent material so that employees can see the area beyond the curtains. This significantly reduces accidents and collisions in the workplace. All the mentioned benefits of the freezer-grade plastic strip curtains can give you the best workflow and product output for your business. These strip curtains can also provide convenience and safety to your employees. For more enquiries about coolroom plastic strip curtains, you can contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. We can provide products and services that you need for your coolrooms.

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