Things To Look For In Walk-In Freezer Panels

10 September 2015

Walk-in coolers / freezers afford larger storage capacity and shorter shipment intervals. They are installed outdoors and in residences as well as for commercial uses. Walk-in coolers and cold storage units are predominantly constructed using modular insulated cooler panels. All wall, floor, and door cooler panels must be interchangeable for fast and easy installation.

Basic Walk-In Panel Specifications

Walk-in freezer panels are metal pans constructed with an inner and outer metal skin and (typ. 4 in.) insulation core. The panels have cam-action locking devices and airtight gaskets to prevent air permeation between panels.

• The freezer panels’ interior / exterior metal skin is specifically, uniformly, and accurately fabricated from steel dies by roll-form equipment.

• The freezer panel insulation is typically ridged “foamed-in-place” polyurethane bound to the metal skins and cam-action locking devices when heated. Internal wood, metal, or high-density urethane structural members are not used unless expressly required.

• Freezer panel edges are tongue and groove “foamed-in-place” to ensure airtight and vapor-proof joints.

• The flexible, vinyl gasket runs the length of the interior and exterior perimeter of every male panel edge. It must be water, oil, grease, detergent, and sunlight resistant as well as flame retardant.

• (Fresh) R-values are between 25 and 40 (e.g.: 3-1/2-in. cooler panels R-value: 25; 4-in. cooler/freezer panels R-value: 32; 5-in. freezer panels R-value: 40).

Modular Walk-In Freezer Panels

Modular walk-in freezer panels are fastened to an outer tongue-and-grooved frame that secures their positions and provides secure seals.

Panel Fasteners

Panel fasteners should be airtight cam-locks. Fastener material consists of a hardened steel housing, hook, and high pressure die cast zinc cam pin. Fastener hooks connect with the pin to tightly lock the panels together. Lock spacing is specified to be no more than 48 in. on center.

Panel Gaskets

Each bulb-type PVC (polyvinyl chloride) must be a factory-installed, water- and vapor-resistant double-lined compression gasket. They must also be chemical corrosion- and ultraviolet-resistant.

Panel Finishes
Metal interior and exterior pans are available in a variety of types and finishes including:

• 26 gauge, painted or non-painted embossed galvanized steel,
• 22 gauge, #4 finish, Type 304 stainless steel,
• 26 gauge, non-painted embossed galvalume,
• 0.032-in. non-painted embossed aluminum, or
• 0.032-in. white embossed aluminum.

Standard floor finishes must be 0.080 in. smooth aluminum, which must exceed 1/2 in. CD-X-grade plywood. Special request aluminum smooth panel finishes and paint colors may be available upon request.

There are also optional metal floor panel finishes available, which include:

• low-profile aluminum treadplate,
• 22 gaulge, #2B finish, Type 304 smooth stainless steel,
• 18 gauge, #2B finish, Type 304 smooth stainless steel,
• 16 gauge, #2B finish, Type 304 smooth stainless steel,
• 14 gauge, steel diamond tread layer installed over a standard floor finish base,
• 3/16 in. aluminum diamond tread layer installed over a standard floor finish.

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