What are Some Common Causes of Leaking or Dripping Commercial Freezers?

30 July 2020

Most hospitality venues like restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels utilise commercial freezers for their storage needs. These freezers are fully capable of storing and preserving the quality of food and drinks. They are also used to keep food products fresh and clean.

Working alongside other commercial refrigeration units, commercial freezers are beneficial for the operations of most businesses that use them. However, once these freezers start to show signs of leaking or dripping, then these businesses may encounter a huge dip on their daily overall performance. Moreover, some issues and problems with food offerings might also hinder them in reaching and maintaining their customers.

Dangers of Leaking or Dripping Occurrences

Leaking or dripping commercial freezers can be dangerous in any hospitality venue. Since water leaks out of these freezers, establishments might be overwhelmed with wet floors that can be a slip or fall hazard for workers and customers. Workers who are working alongside dripping or leaking commercial freezers might also be at risk of getting electric shocks. Unchecked water on the floor or surfaces can also initiate the growth of mould and bacteria, which are both dangerous for health.

Freezers with leaking issues pose the same threat to the health and safety of customers who are inside commercial establishments. And instead of conserving their quality, food products that are stored inside a leaking or dripping commercial freezer might just deteriorate and spoil much easier. 

Reasons behind Leaking or Dripping Freezers

Freezers that have a leaking or dripping issues are typically caused by their faulty components. One of these components is the seams between the panels. Some other components that can cause these issues are seals, insulation, water filter, drain pan, defrost drain, and ice maker. Without any proper installation and regular maintenance, all these components may just wear out and become faulty over time, which then causes leaking or dripping issues among commercial freezers.

Aside from faulty components, leaking or dripping commercial freezers can also be caused by condensation with the combination of a faulty seal. If the exterior air becomes warm and humid, it can produce condensation because of the temperature difference between the outside and the freezer. And if the freezer does not have proper sealing, then it will be forced to work overtime just to keep food products cool. An overworked commercial freezer will continue to accumulate extra condensation on the coils, which will result in the formation of water on the floor.

The condensation problem can be solved quickly by washing the seals or replacing the gaskets. Air conditioning and dehumidifying the air outside the commercial freezer can also help avoid excessive condensation. Faulty components, in contrast, would require repairs from professionals. 

So, if you need help with your leaking or dripping commercial freezers, then feel free to contact us at C&M Coolroom Services. Servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas in Victoria, we cater for the full range of commercial and industrial coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast freezers, and controlled environments in shops, factories, supermarkets, laboratories, food processing and preparation premises.

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