What Are the Pros and Cons of PVC Curtains?

30 April 2014

The most mentioned pro of PVC curtains is the low cost and maintenance of the product. The biggest con on the other hand is the cheap look or feel of having plastic rather than a fabric covering.

The thing is PVC does have the strongest advantage. There are a wide variety of types and they are used by many professional businesses as well as in domestic settings. They can even be used outside. PVC curtains work great for the use in coolrooms, but they are most seen in restaurants over freezer and cooler doors to maintain temperature or on backdoors to eliminate pests.

One con is the tearing possibility, but if you invest in the thicker PVC curtains that won’t be likely. These are durable materials if you choose according to your actual needs and amount of traffic that will be going through them.

Another con is PVC curtains are something that in many businesses is nonnegotiable. They are required by health departments, and they have to be fully operational. In other words, if one breaks then it has to be immediately repaired, and until it is your coolroom is not meeting operational health standards. This leaves little room for flexibility.

On the upside, businesses with PVC curtains are paying less for pest control, and they see less food wasted due to pest prevention and temperature control. They are also making more overhead profits because of their good standing with the health departments. These re guaranteed wins for any business!

PVC curtains help to prevent bacteria and reduce the possibility for mood. The list goes on and on. Again, they have the strongest advantage, and no other material can truly compete against PVC curtains when it comes to meeting needs and demands.
Finally, PVC curtains are budget friendly, heavy duty and ready to install. With C&M repairs are easy and affordable. In the long run and with all things considered the pros of PVC curtains for coolrooms are much more prominent than the cons.

These are options that are more than adequate in several industries. You can go with a clear PVC curtain or customize the look of your PVC curtains for your coolroom through C & M’s professional coolroom services and affordable pricing. Your needs and budget are considered to get you the best PVC curtains to suit your needs and also to meet the health standards in your area.

Mark Connelly
C&M Coolroom Services
E-mail: markconnelly@cmcoolrooms.com.au
Mobile: 0412 536 315

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